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Varlink upskills workforce in the face of coronavirus

As the UK economy experiences ever-increasing turmoil due to the coronavirus pandemic, the strategy of York-based Mobile Computing and EPoS Distributor, Varlink Ltd, is simple: to continue to meet the needs of their Resllers and maintain the highest levels of service during the difficult times ahead.

Varlink are working hard to continue to supply hardware and software to Healthcare, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Warehousing Resellers and Systems Integrators who are experiencing unprecedented levels of business disruption as UK businesses put contingency plans into action and the health service battles against an influx of patients.

One strategy that Varlink have adopted as part of their business continuity plans is to cross-train their staff so vital areas of the business can continue to function at optimum efficiency, despite disruption caused by the pandemic. Upskilling employees will enable the company maintain business-critical functions and also give staff members an in-depth understanding of key business areas, enabling them to work effectively across departments.

CEO, Mike Pullon, said ‘we recognise that the difficult circumstances which the UK is currently facing will present us, and our customers, with new challenges. To this end, we are preparing our employees to be able to deal with whatever comes our way by training them in multiple areas of the business. For example, three members of the Sales Team are now fully trained in our Warehouse Operations and our Marketing Team are ready to step in to cover sales desks if necessary. In addition, we have implemented new ways of working, so that employees who need to work from home can continue to perform their role remotely. These measures will enable Varlink to continue to supply much needed hardware and software to our customer base which, in turn, supplies vital areas of the UK economy.’

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