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Vimcar enables UK private ambulance fleet Talk to a Doctor meet 100% of ETA targets within first three months of roll-out

Vimcar, the fleet management software for small and medium-sized companies, has helped a UK private ambulance fleet, operated by Talk to a Doctor, to meet 100% of its estimated time of arrival (ETA) targets in the first three months of its implementation, due to its ability to track vehicle movements in real-time and optimise route efficiency in an extremely affordable manner.

Talk to a Doctor, part of Health Finder Pro Ltd., installed Vimcar’s Fleet Geo SaaS plug-and-play units into its seven-strong fleet of emergency response vehicles in August 2020. The move followed a shift within its business to in-person visits to private patients in their homes, rather than its original remit of offering healthcare advice online or over the phone.

The results of working with Vimcar have been significant and fast to come to fruition – enabling Talk to a Doctor to meet 100% of its ETA targets after just three months – not only ensuring the very best of service to its clients, but also avoiding financial penalties imposed if ETAs are not hit.

Doniert Macfarlane, Director of Talk to a Doctor comments: “We have strict service level agreements (SLAs)  in place on response times with our clients, often minutes rather than hours. As such every second really does count in getting resources to the right place as quickly as possible. Vimcar’s solution has helped enormously in exceeding our client’s expectations, our number one objective, while avoiding fines imposed if we don’t meet our targets.”

As well as improving customer service and minimising CO2 emissions, Talk to a Doctor has seen financial savings since installing Vimcar’s solution across its fleet. Optimal efficiency of routing delivers considerable savings in fuel costs, while the ability to prove that its vehicles are being used as pool cars rather than company cars helps to reduce insurance costs and tax liabilities.

Vimcar’s solution has also helped Talk to a Doctor with its commitments towards Corporate Social Responsibility, with the ability to optimise routes for its fleet to minimise carbon footprint. Not only can it now use live-location to ensure efficiency of routing, Vimcar’s geofencing capability also allows it to set up drop off points and storage locations anywhere, not just at its main vehicle bases, significantly reducing journey times. With the daily range required of its fleet meaning electric vehicles are not feasible, Talk to a Doctor uses only hybrid vehicles, with CO2 emissions of 100g/km or less.

Talk to a Doctor chose Vimcar’s solution after researching the telematics market looking for a simple, affordable, and effective way to run its fleet. Doniert continues: “We thought we had an issue which was hopefully quite simple to solve. We did not want to overcomplicate it, or to pay for lots of functionality that we did not need for a fleet of our size. Most of the fleet logistics solutions out there were way beyond our requirement. We just needed a real-time tracking solution that was reliable, easy to install,  and use, and reasonably priced. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo offers exactly that – the ability to know where our paramedics are at any given time, allowing us to dispatch them in the most efficient way to meet our client’s needs.”

Ronald Clancy, UK Country Manager for Vimcar comments: “Talk to a Doctor is a textbook example of how smaller SMEs can optimise the efficiency of their fleet through Vimcar’s solutions, and I’m delighted that Doniert and his team are seeing such significant benefits.”

Founded in Berlin in 2013, Vimcar is the leading provider of fleet telematics solutions to SMEs in its home country of Germany, and introduced its Fleet Geo product to the UK market last summer. Vimcar’s SaaS telematics solutions cover all aspects of fleet management, including cost and document management, outlier analysis, CO2 reporting, real-time vehicle tracking, theft warning and route planning. With an emphasis on easy-use, affordability, and strong customer support, its products are perfect for fleets of 1-200 vehicles, particularly for smaller businesses with no dedicated full-time fleet manager. Vimcar aims to redefine fleet management for European SMEs by digitalising the company car of the future.

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