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Westcoast to merge with KOMSA

KOMSA AG in Germany and Westcoast (Holdings) Ltd in the UK have agreed to establish an ICT sales alliance, making them Europe’s largest private sales, marketing and service partner for global brands in the technology sector, with a combined turnover of more than EUR 5.5 billion and more than 400 technology partners and 30,000 retail partners.

The merger of the two companies, with Westcoast gradually taking over the shares of KOMSA’s founders by 2025 at the latest, will give Westcoast access to the growing German market and KOMSA access to markets in the UK, Ireland and France, where it has not been significantly active to date, while also adding IT capabilities to its existing expertise in telecommunications.

KOMSA intends to use this regional expansion to strengthen its business relationships with technology partners and to market the lease and operation of smartphones (device- as-a-service) on an international scale.

Joe Hemani, Chairman and Founder of Westcoast, said: “In combination with the logistical strength of both companies, the joint technology expertise to link IT and TC and the expertise around repair and refurbishment, we help industry, trade and business to participate in technological progress. KOMSA also contributes extensive knowledge in the area of unified communications into our partnership, and its specific know-how in setting up agile structures is of strategic importance for Westcoast.”

The merger is still subject to approval by the competent authorities. The first closing is expected for January 2023.

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