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Westcon-Comstor eases move to subscription model with new payment service

Westcon-Comstor is supporting the transition from traditional resale models to subscription-based offerings with the launch of a new payment service that enables vendors and partners to offer more solutions on a subscription basis.

The Flex (Flexible Payment Solutions) payment service provides a range of flexible payment solutions, contracted and invoiced directly by Westcon-Comstor, that are designed to alleviate pressure on partners’ working capital and cashflow and help them achieve long-term success in the growing as-a-service world.

Callum McGregor, CFO of WestconComstor, said: “We’ve designed Flex to best serve both vendors and partners. With Flex, partners unlock greater vendor discounts by increasing the deal size and maximising the value they get for their budget early on. Because we don’t use third party billing providers, partners deal with us in the exact same way they would with any ‘standard’ purchase. Plus, they can match payments in with payments out, so the customer gets exactly what they want, how they want it, without impacting the partner or vendor’s cash flow.”

He added: “With over 90% of tech companies now embracing consumption business models, according to EY, Flex will help all our channel partners and vendors take full advantage of subscription models and capitalise on the direction in which the industry is headed.” flexiblepaymentsB0n V0yageB

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