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Safe to touch

Veraco, a London-based specialist in antimicrobial technology, has produced a range of antimicrobial adhesive pads and wraps for use on frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, handrails and shopping trolleys. The pads use silver ion technology to kill up to 99.99% of common bacteria and are also claimed to be effective against coronavirus. Veraco says the pads and wraps are effective for up to two years after application.

New ‘Events as a Service’ platform broadcast quality

Events as a service

GDS Group claims to have revolutionised business communications with its new broadcast-quality ‘events as a service’ platform. Enabling business leaders to communicate company messages and strategy to small or large groups of employees, customers and other stakeholders, GDS Showcase provides a live professional host, customisable studio set, high production values and a range of interactive experiences. With GDS’s bespoke immersive Zoom integration, audience members can even be virtually brought on stage.

Sandberg HD webcam

Built for business

Sandberg, well known amongst consumers for its gaming and outdoor products, is diversifying its offering to include devices designed specifically for professional users, starting with a new range of conference room equipment. This includes a USB 1080P HD webcam with a wide-angle lens and a combined meeting microphone and speaker that, when placed in the middle of a table, picks up everything that is said.

OWC progress

Copy that

OWC, a provider of memory, external drives, SSDs and Mac & PC docking solutions and performance upgrade kits, has brought out a new app that lets you copy photos and videos from your iPhone/iPad directly to external storage devices, singly or in batches. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to an external drive, select the type of media you want to copy and how you want to copy it, then click the ‘Copy That’ button, and you’re done. In this way, OWC Copy That makes it easy to free up storage on your device and duplicate and protect valuable data.

Moverio smart glasses

Ten years after

Ten years after launching the first Moverio smart glasses, Epson is introducing a fourth generation of binocular, see-through, Si-OLED augmented reality smart glasses. The new Moverio BT-40 and BT-40S smart glasses boast a wider field of view; increased HD display resolution (1920 x 1080); a higher contrast ratio (500,000:1), which makes unused display space appear truly transparent; improved connectivity; and a more comfortable, adjustable glasses-style form factor (with optional dark shades). The Moverio BT-40 with USB Type-C for connecting to tablets, smartphones and other devices is ideal for top-level executives who need to work and view confidential materials in public spaces, while the Moverio BT-40S, which includes the option of an Intelligent Controller running Android for custom software integration and wireless connectivity, offers additional functionality for ISVs to develop immersive applications.

Customer Counting and Communication sollution

Counted in, counted out

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe is bringing out a dynamic customer counting and communication solution for the retail sector in partnership with Intuiface, the no-code software platform for interactive digital signage, and Nexmosphere, a leader in interactive sensors and controls for retail. Eliminating the need for manual monitoring, the integrated Entrance Flow Management solution tracks visitor entry and exit counts, compares this to capacity and tells customers, via display screens, whether they can enter the store.

Foldable & Portable UV sanitiser

UV sanitiser

It took just hours for Moshi to receive Kickstarter funding for its new foldable, portable UV sanitiser. The Deep Purple UV Sanitiser is claimed to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses on smartphones, tablets, keys, wallets, sunglasses and other items. Just pop them in the box and in four minutes the 360-degree array of UV-C LEDs will have disinfected all surfaces with no blind spots. Because the box is foldable, users can slip it into a bag and take it with them wherever they go.

ScanSnap iX1500

Free scanner

Anyone buying a ScanSnap iX1500 PFU scanner between now and January 31 2021 can claim a free ScanSnap iX100 portable scanner with their purchase. The offer of a free wireless, battery-powered scanner with the iX1500 means that customers can enjoy the benefits of ScanSnap document capture when out and about or in the office.

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