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What’s new in technology: A round up of recent launches and upgrades

Boost your intelligence 

Zoho Corporation has introduced an end-to-end Business Intelligence Platform that provides actionable, real-time insights from up to 250 data sources, including third party systems like Zendesk, HubSpot, Microsoft, Mailchimp, Stripe and Google. Combining a new AI/ML-driven selfservice data preparation/management tool, Zoho DataPrep, with an enhanced version of Zoho Analytics (already used by 50,000+ organisations), the platform brings together pre-built dashboards, data integrations, data preparation, augmented BI, security and privacy capabilities, flexible deployment models (cloud or on-premise) and scalability. Other features include an integrated enterprise portal builder (Zoho Sites) and presentation software (Zoho Show) for embedding live reports and dashboards into a website or presentation; conversational AI (Ask Zia) that lets business users surface data through natural language querying and hear insights from reports and dashboards; and the Zoho Marketplace for complementary third-party apps and integrations.


Phishing simulation 

UK-based eLearning provider DeltaNet International has added a Phishing Simulation Tool to its cybersecurity awareness training, enabling organisations to test the susceptibility of employees to phishing attacks and identify gaps in their training. Anyone who falls for the Phishing Simulator’s customisable emails, including highly targeted spear-phishing simulations, can be enrolled in followup training on DeltaNet’s cloud-based learning platform, Astute. Jason Stirland, CTO at DeltaNet International, said: “With impersonation phishing attacks becoming increasingly common, we will be working closely with our users to create highly personalised templates designed to test the vulnerability of their employees. By impersonating considerable levels of familiarity, these emails will test even the most highly aware and vigilant employees, so organisations understand where to prioritise training.”


Aegis Data Fortress

Data fortress 

New from Apricorn, the 20TB Aegis Fortress L3 SSD is the industry’s largest portable encrypted drive, with enough capacity to store over 4,000 feature length films. Ideal for offline data storage and cybersecurity resiliency in large enterprises and regulated industries that deal with large amounts of data, it features NIST’s highest level of FIPS validation for portable devices – 140-2 level 3. EMEA Managing Director Jon Fielding said: “These devices protect against business interruption, whether it be caused by natural disaster, malware/ransomware, 3rd party risk or cloud breakdown. The 20TB Aegis Fortress L3’s mass storage capabilities enable fast response, restoration and recovery in the event of a disaster, reducing downtime and minimising financial and reputational damage.”


Windows 11 Hero Bloom

Raising the taskbar 

Microsoft has started marketing Windows 11, which it describes as ‘the operating system for hybrid work and learning’. This is reflected in the Start Menu, which shows recently viewed files no matter what device they were viewed on; the ability of users to create separate Desktops for different parts of their life e.g. work or school; and deeper integration with collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, which enables users to mute/unmute or share a desktop or single application directly from the desktop taskbar. Users can also communicate with someone who doesn’t have the Teams app via two-way SMS using Chat from Microsoft Teams, which, again, is integrated into the taskbar.


iOS wifi mitm

Complete privacy 

UK mobile security company Traced claims to have come up with a solution to an age-old problem – how to secure mobile devices that contain work and personal information without impacting privacy. From the outset its Traced Control Mobile Threat Detection solution was designed to send the bare minimum of personal information from the Traced app on people’s devices back to Control – just enough to make organisations aware of any security risks on employees’ devices and to help the end user remediate them. It has now taken this a stage further with the launch of an optional Personal Privacy Mode that reports just the security status of a device (red, amber or green) and nothing else.


Aaron Brown Workstream

Help with your home work 

Workstream is a secure, reliable broadband service designed by broadband specialist Onestream to meet the needs of the millions of remote and hybrid workers who currently depend on vulnerable and unstable home connections. Aaron Brown, CEO of Onestream, said: “Millions of workers around the UK are relying on domestic broadband connections to get them through the working day. These were never intended for business use and are, in many cases, not fit for purpose. As organisations adopt remote and hybrid working models they need businessgrade security to ensure they comply with data protection regulations and enjoy performance they can rely on. Workstream meets this challenge head-on, providing businesses with powerful hardware and a complete managed service that minimises security vulnerabilities and reduces downtime.” Useful features include the ability to split bandwidth between domestic and business use; optional 4G failover to provide seamless backup in the event of a broadband outage; a portal giving employers full visibility of the service; and a range of cost management options.

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