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Going mobile

Enreach is moving into the mobile market with the launch of its own SIM and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) products for small and medium-sized businesses. With Enreach Mobile and FMC, SMEs can give their workers one number that enables them to be reached wherever they are, with a choice of plans to meet different needs. Enreach Mobile and FMC are designed with mobile-first businesses in mind, with unified communication solutions built directly into the fixed voice and mobile cores, eliminating the need for an additional app. Mobile numbers, calls and call recordings can be integrated into CRM, ERP or vertical market solutions.



Charging into the gap

EV charging software platform Monta and charge point manufacturer CTEK are working together to provide a complete EV charging package, from charge point installation and management to payment and customer support. By making it easier for businesses to install, manage and gain revenue from company EV charge points, they hope to address the current shortage. Sales of plug-in cars grew by 280% between 2019 and 2021, but the number of public charge points increased by less than 70%.


Kevin O’Brien

Billing consultancy

Union Street Technologies has launched a new consultancy service to help reseller partners maximise the revenue potential of their customer base whilst driving down costs. The ‘ProfitaBILLity’ service will review billing processes; identify areas where revenue is being lost and margins could be increased; highlight instances of mis-billing or overspending that should be corrected; and explain how Union Street software can automate parts of the billing and ordering process and ensure no revenue is missed when provisioning new products and services. Chief Financial Officer Kevin O’Brien said: “Channel businesses are faced with a very hard choice of balancing rising costs with winning and maintaining customers in a highly competitive and price-sensitive market. Enhancing the billing process is something that’s perfectly possible for most resellers, but it can be a resource-hungry exercise. The ProfitaBILLity service offers a convenient and cost- effective way for resellers to outsource this task to Union Street.”


Become a data expert

Certification provider CompTIA is launching a data analytics qualification with a view to bridging the UK’s data skills gap. In a recent CompTIA survey, 60% of companies said they have increased their focus on data to understand customers better, but an investigation from the UK government revealed that 46% of businesses have struggled to recruit for roles that require data skills. At the same time, 70% of workers expressed interest in data skills training and almost half (46%) stated that the need for data skills at work has increased. CompTIA’s Data+ certification helps organisations translate data into good decision- making by enabling decision-makers to mine, analyse and interpret data in a clear, consistent way. In the future CompTIA plans to introduce other data-related certifications covering data science, systems and foundational knowledge. certifications/data



Orange without the squash

OGIO Europe has released its Pace Pro backpacks in a bright, limited edition desert orange colourway. OGIO launched the Pace Pro range in navy blue and black colourways last summer and now plans to introduce a series of eye-catching colours and designs for its backpacks, brief packs (a modern take on the traditional briefcase) and pouches (a cross-body bag).

___________________________________________________________________________________________The four-minute recovery

Nebulon, provider of an infrastructure operations SaaS that transforms an on-premises server estate into a cloud operating platform, has unveiled Nebulon TimeJump, which it describes as ‘the first and only combined server and storage solution architected to offer complete ransomware recovery in less than four minutes’. Nebulon TimeJump provides four-minute restore capabilities not just for critical application data but also for infected operating systems, enabling application infrastructure to be brought back online near instantly. Damon Dance, Director of Sales at Inca Cloud, said: “Being able to recover quickly is imperative when ransomware strikes, but recovery tools aren’t accessible when their supporting infrastructure is infected. Nebulon is our antidote to the paradox of management tools depending on the infrastructure they manage. If/when our infrastructure is ever compromised, Nebulon TimeJump will get our infrastructure back up and running so we can restore operations in minutes.”


maxhub wecom-temp

Winning design

The mobile phone-sized MAXHUB UC-M40 has been awarded a Red Dot Design Award in the product design category. Featuring a 360° field of view, the all-in-one camera comes with intuitive controls, such as a one-tap mode for instant meetings, and advanced features like AI auto-tracking and two-direction simultaneous voice tracking.


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