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What’s New: A round up of new technology

Dedicated connectivity

With the launch of its new Express Connect service, Vapour is enabling organisations to enjoy the public cloud capabilities of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and other cloud service providers without having to send their data via the public internet. By providing a dedicated private connection to public cloud services via Vapour’s own ISO27001- accredited MPLS networks, the new connectivity solution ensures customers have the bandwidth and speed for an optimum end user experience, peace of mind when it comes to security, budget transparency and the ability to scale up or down in line with business needs. Express Connect is available from Vapour and channel partners.


Work from anywhere

Down to earth without a bump 

Boxxe has enlisted the help of Gravity Industries, inventor of the Jet Suit, to highlight the ‘work from anywhere’ capabilities of Dell ruggedised devices. In a new campaign from the Dell Technology Partner, Gravity Industries Founder and Chief Test Pilot Richard Browning is shown flying over Dartmoor National Park in a Jet Suit as part of a search and rescue exercise. After landing on a tor, he opens up his Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged laptop to communicate with other Dell Rugged users including a foil-boarder, paddle-boarder, mountain biker and car restorer. He said: “Being able to fly with a laptop without worrying about damage highlights a whole host of potential applications for these devices.” Every Rugged device is drop-tested on concrete, temperature-tested from -28°C to 62°C, and protected against damage from dust, dirt and water. Other useful features for extreme environments include an outdoor-viewable display even in direct sunlight, responsiveness to touch with gloves and dual hot-swappable batteries. dell-rugged-laptops


Stop using pen and paper

Managing stock 

Sandvik is encouraging machine shops to stop using pen and paper for tooling inventory management and to start using its paperless CRIBWISE software as-a-service platform instead. The subscription-based cloud inventory management service enables all sizes of machine shop to streamline tool, spare part and equipment purchasing and reduce costs and storage space through better stock management. Head of CRIBWISE Joakim Johansson said: “Tooling costs can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds, and much of this can be attributed to outdated and unconsolidated tooling inventories that take up space and cause frustration. With a standardised and consolidated tooling inventory system like CRIBWISE, machine shops can streamline purchasing, reduce costs and improve stock management. In fact, our ‘early bird’ customers have reduced tooling and equipment inventory costs by as much as 20%. An effective tool management system will also generate data that owners and managers can use to make more informed strategic decisions about workforce productivity, machine optimisation, expenditure and inventory size.”


Cycle and get creative

Just a one:quick 

LG is addressing changes in the way individuals, co-workers and teams communicate with the launch of the LG One:Quick series of conferencing and collaboration solutions. This includes a dedicated wireless screen-sharing USB dongle (One:Quick Share) and two displays based on the Windows platform. These are the One:Quick Works, an all-inone 55-inch device with built-in Windows PC, 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker, digital whiteboard and videoconferencing solution One:Quick Remote Meeting (users can also install Teams, Webex, Zoom and other apps); and the One:Quick Flex, a 43-inch 4K UHD touchscreen display with camera, microphone, full touch-pen support and whiteboard functionality. The former, which comes with easy-to-use management and control features, is ideal for more permanent settings, such as conference rooms, while the latter, with its ability to be used in landscape or portrait modes and the option of a mobile stand, is better suited to smaller group meetings, brain-storming sessions and one-on-one interactions.


A forest of its own 

Union Street Technologies is aiming to reduce its environmental impact by planting its very own forest in partnership with ReforestACTION. The billing solutions provider, which has already planted 2,000 trees in rainforests around the world through the forest specialist, is taking their relationship to the next level with the launch of Union Street Forests. As part of this initiative, Union Street is pledging to plant one tree per year for every one of its partners. Union Street currently has a partner base of more than 850 companies.


Note-taking new version

A feel for writing 

Note-taking/sketching screen protector creator Paperlike has announced a new version for the 2021 iPad Mini. The company claims its iPad screen protectors are ideal for creatives and note-takers thanks to their combination of patented Nanodot smart technology, which provides the right level of friction for writing/drawing, and the iPad Mini’s integration of the Apple Pencil. In addition, Paperlike’s anti-glare soft matte finish is said to improve the feel of the iPad for simple touch operation and note taking.

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