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What’s New from Kapersky, Sophos, Northamber, Perlan, Panintelligence & Samsung

Risk and reward

Kaspersky has launched an interactive mobile video game as a complement to the traditional security awareness training programs used by 50% of enterprises. Designed to be played at work, [Dis]connected takes place in the near future and challenges players to solve a number of pressing work tasks while maintaining good relations with their partner and colleagues. The game vividly demonstrates the benefits of secure behaviour and can be used to reinforce what employees have learned in cybersecurity training programmes. A free demo is available in App Store and Google Play.


Sophos Switch Series

The missing piece

Sophos has strengthened its secure access portfolio, which already includes Sophos Firewall and Sophos Wireless, with the launch of a new range of network access layer switches to connect, power and control device access within a Local Area Network (LAN). The Sophos Switch Series, featuring models with 8, 24 and 48 ports, integrates seamlessly with the Sophos adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem and can be remotely managed through Sophos Central, a cloud-based platform that enables partners to monitor and manage all customer installations, respond to alerts, and track licences and upcoming renewal dates via a single, intuitive interface.


Airbus photo by James Darcy

Highest ever Wi-Fi hotspot

Global technology company Thales is helping the Airbus Perlan Mission II project to stream climate, atmospheric and aeronautical research from the stratosphere. The zero emission Perlan 2 Research Glider, which achieved a record flying height of 76,000 feet in 2018, will use a FlytLink Thales Iridium Certus- based satellite communications system to broadcast live climate-change research from the edge of space to scientists around the world. The Nevada-based Airbus Perlan Mission II team is planning a possible return to flight this year in the U.S. and El Calafate, Argentina.


konftel The high quality Konftel C2070 video kit

Seeing is believing

Distributor Northamber has hailed Konftel’s 3D room guide as a valuable tool for UC, AV and IT resellers. Launched last autumn, the interactive tool helps users identify the optimum products and connectivity options for different video meeting spaces, from personal workspaces, focus and huddle rooms to large multipurpose spaces. Northamber UC&C Business Manager Mark Sumner says that by enabling customers to visualise how equipment fits into different spaces, the guide speeds up the sales process. “The guide brings everything to life and adds a compelling new dimension. Seeing really is believing,” he said.


Panintelligence. l-r Ken Miller, Zandra Moore, Charlotte Bailey

Pi for all

Panintelligence has responded to a dramatic rise in demand for hosted services from vendors and clients by launching a software as a service (SaaS) version of its Pi business intelligence,
data analytics and visualisation tools. By offering a simpler, quicker alternative to on- premises deployments, CEO Zandra Moore expects PiSaaS to increase the company’s market reach significantly. She said: “The introduction of our first hosted SaaS product is in direct response to a change in the way vendors and developers want to deploy our tools, with us doing more of the provisioning and reducing the burden on their development teams. We’re still able to deploy our Pi solutions within clients’ own servers, but the rapid development of PiSaaS to deliver the hosted SaaS tools that scaling, agile vendors want widens our potential market enormously.”



No touching required

The product of a partnership between Samsung Electronics Europe and iNUI Studio, the interactive AIRxTOUCH KIOSK Series 3 features a hygienic touchless design perfect for busy environments like airports and train stations. The combination of Samsung’s 55in, 4K screen, iNUI Studio’s AIR TOUCH optical sensors and a powerful processor delivers the same experience as a standard touchscreen kiosk without the need physically to touch the screen. Instead, users can click, double-click, drag & drop, slide and zoom using gesture alone.

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