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Print à porter

Ricoh Ri 100
Ricoh Ri 100

New from transfer printing specialist TheMagicTouch, the Ricoh Ri 100 Direct to Garment printer is an all-in-one solution for the on-demand printing of T-shirts and other promotional garments. The system uses Ricoh piezo-electric inkjet technology to deliver crisp, high quality, soft-touch prints and can be supplemented with an optional heating system with built-in safety features.

Samsung premier

Samsung has brought its giant LED cinema screen to Europe. Installed at the Arena Cinemas Sihlcity theatre

Samsung's Giant Cinema Screen
Samsung’s Giant Cinema Screen

in Zurich, Switzerland, the screen measures 10.2 x 5.4 metres and is made up of 96 individually replaceable modules. Samsung claims that because no projection is involved, images are always precisely aligned, with ‘true’ black and luminosity ten times stronger than is possible with conventional projectors.

Surface appeal

Lampix turns any surface into an interactive augmented reality workspace. Incorporating a high-definition projector, camera and cloud-connected computer, the LED lamp-like object does much more than display a screen on a flat surface. Lampix also recognizes hand movements and intelligently responds to real-world objects. Lampix is looking to raise $200,000 through Kickstarter and plans to distribute the Lampix Developer Edition to help create a Lampix ecosystem.

Softphone for smartphones

Panasonic's softphone app
Panasonic’s softphone app

Panasonic Business has launched a new softphone app that turns a smartphone into a business extension. A cost-effective way to connect remote workers to office communication systems, the app enables users to make and receive calls on their mobile, without having to use their private number.

Carry it with you

Vivitek has expanded its popular Qumi series of LED Pocket projectors with the battery-powered Qumi Q38. Weighing just under 750g, it offers full HD resolution, 600 Lumens output and image sizes up to 130 inches (diagonal). It incorporates an embedded rechargeable battery, which last two hours from a single charge; an LED light source with a lifetime of 30,000 hours; integrated dual 2 watt speakers; 8GB of internal memory for computer-free presentations; and a variety of connectivity options, including WiFi and USB memory drive.

Li-Ion hearted

Battery technology
Battery technology

Schneider Electric claims the use of Li-Ion battery technology in its new APC line of UPS devices delivers multiple benefits, including a longer life span; smaller size and weight; lower maintenance; and better performance at high temperatures. Connectivity to Schneider’s cloud-enabled EcoStruxure platform enables devices to be monitored remotely.

Built for business

Versity enterprise smartphone
Versity enterprise smartphone

Combining enterprise features with a consumer-like design, the Versity enterprise smartphone from Spectralink is specially designed for mobile workers. Key features include a 5.2-inch high resolution display; damage resistant Gorilla glass touch screen; Android OS; fingerprint scanner; 13MP camera; and a chemical resistant, IP-68 rated enclosure.

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