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Added protection

Following a big increase in global ransomware attacks, up 24% in Q2 compared to Q1, Avast has added a Ransomware Shield to its Essential, Premium and Ultimate Business Security packages. The Ransomware Shield provides an added layer of protection to that already provided by the Avast Web Shield, File Shield and Behavior Shield. Enabled by default, it lets users specify which applications can access their most important files and folders, ensuring they can’t be modified, deleted or encrypted by unknown applications. Users can manage their list of protected files and folders in the Avast Business Hub.


Double protection

Cellularline Smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories provider Cellularline is launching a range of protective phone cases with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology that helps to keep the cases free of germs and also prevents staining. Antimicrobial options are available for Sensation, Gloss, Tetra Force Strong Guard, Tetra Force Strong Guard Mag (illustrated) and Book Agenda cases.


A level playing field

AIRPA is aiming to level the playing field between large and small businesses with the launch of an Integrated Platform as a Service (InPaas) solution that connects all ‘out of the box’ tech systems, apps and data in one, synchronised and easy-to-use platform with single sign on and the ability to search for information across all applications. AIRPA automates repetitive tasks; creates intuitive workflows and reports at the click of a button; and enables small businesses to make real-time decisions based on data collected from multiple systems and shown in intuitive dashboards. AIRPA Co-founder Farooq Raja said: “AIRPA is the first platform that allows businesses to handpick the best of breed for every process and easily manage, sync and access these solutions from one place. Our platform and dashboards reduce the need for repetitive tasks, empower with data and save hours so business owners can focus on important tasks.”


Hybrid appeal


Following recent partnerships with HP and Cisco, Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen is planning to accelerate its move into the enterprise space by gaining Microsoft Teams and Zoom certifications for its headphones and Bluetooth products. John Howard, Head of Enterprise at Bang & Olufsen, points out that the company’s products are already being used by hybrid workers for online meetings and to shut out surrounding noise. He said: “Hybrid workers are moving towards high-end audio products that can be used for both work and leisure – and they want to do that without compromising on quality and design. Bang & Olufsen is uniquely placed to fill this hole in the market. We create long-lasting, beautiful products renowned for their amazing sound, and getting our products certified will only enhance their audio performance, connectivity and functionality.” Last year, Bang & Olufsen partnered with Cisco to create a premium business headset for hybrid workers and with HP on the HP Presence conferencing system.


Interpreters welcome

Microsoft is helping the Welsh Government to fulfil its duty to provide meetings in English and Welsh with a new feature that allows designated interpreters to translate what is being said during a scheduled Microsoft Teams meeting and attendees to choose which language they want to listen to in real-time. Attendees can switch between two or more languages at will without having to open another window, another tab or another device. The new Teams feature developed by Microsoft in partnership with the Welsh Government will replace a previous workaround, where interpreters would observe a Teams video meeting and provide simultaneous interpretation via a telephone line. The Welsh Government’s Chief Digital Officer Glyn Jones said: “I don’t think you can underestimate the impact this will have on organisations that operate bilingually or multilingually.”


Room for another

The high quality Konftel C2070 video kit

Konftel is introducing a new version of its C2070 ‘Bring Your Own Meeting Room’ solution for in-room, PC-based systems. Part of a new product range optimised for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms and other platforms, the Konftel C2070 Attach extends the appeal of a solution that Simon Hughes, Konftel Brand Manager at Trust Distribution, describes as the ‘sweet-spot’ of its conferencing portfolio. The Konftel C2070 combines a Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera, a Konftel 70 speakerphone with OmniSound and the Konftel OCC Hub, which brings everything together in one convenient kit, with a single USB cable. Hughes said: “The Konftel C2070 ticks many boxes customers are looking for, without any additional licences which inflate the cost of ownership with some other brands. It’s a plug and play USB solution which fits most standard-size meeting rooms. The auto framing of images is proving really useful in the education sector, while the 4K detail is great for companies wanting to see and assess products that are often in another part of the world.” 

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