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What’s New in VOW’s 2017 Range

What VOW technology resellers can look forward to in 2017

Starting at the end of the current catalogue cycle and due to be implemented fully by January 2017, VOW has decided to break with the predictable merchandise cycle of the last 40 years and adopt a strategy of rolling product launches to make new products more relevant to VOW resellers and their customers.TR_News_Image

Andrew Stacey, VOW Group Merchandising and Marketing Director, says the new strategy has been adopted to provide resellers with a more dynamic product portfolio that will change throughout the year.

“The new product strategy, only being applied to certain product categories, means that new products can be launched at any time and on any day, providing we have the appropriate ‘go to market’ strategy in place. We’re doing this so that products are significantly more relevant to our resellers and their customers.”

So what can customers look forward to in 2017? Here, VOW specialists provide a sneak preview of next year’s highlights

Telecoms and Data Media

“Telecommunications is becoming increasingly relevant to how we work,” explains Stuart Bleese, Technology Category Manager. “Unified communications is seeing a growing trend, such as Skype for Business and integrated systems where phones are connected to company networks and computers to access people and conversations from any location. This supports flexible working patterns, and we will be listing numerous products, such as phones and portable headsets, to reflect this.”

“We will also be bringing a number of data media products to market, such as the Synology range of NAS (Network Assisted Storage) drives, to enable users to create their own personal cloud. These NAS drives are perfect for use in small offices and workgroups that need to share and protect data.

“Encrypted media storage devices, such as the Transcend brand of USB Flash drives, DDR Memory cards, SSD cards and hard drives, are also going to be part of the 2017 range, along with new USB 3.1 storage devices that are twice as fast as current USB 3.0 devices.”


Stuart mentions digitisation as another key focus. ”Digitisation is a growing trend” he explains, “and we will be bringing out new product ranges that enable resellers to help customers choose the right product for their needs. Our education range will feature animation cameras, entry level cameras and interactive white boards.

“We will also be selling a new collection of monitors that will move the range from standard 18 inches entry-level monitors to larger screen sizes of 22 inches or more. New additions for 2017 include Cello’s range of curved televisions and Samsung’s curved monitors offering a far more immersive viewing experience with greater depth and contrast. For the first time, Samsung Televisions will also be listed in the catalogue.”

Key brands and new ranges

Gilly Blackburn, Technology Category Director, highlights an exciting roster of key technology brands: “2017 will see us working with a number of key brands, including Samsung, HP, GenieWorld, Reviva, Apple and Trust. Several of their hero products will be headlining the range and we will also be expanding the Reviva brand in 2017. This is exclusive to VOW and includes screen protectors, cables, portable chargers and power banks.

“We will list a new range of Apple tablet accessories from Zag, as well as a comprehensive range of certified preowned mobile phones that will enable resellers’ customers to buy fully reconditioned phones for their businesses and get a guaranteed price for them when they sell them back – something that hasn’t been done by a wholesaler before.”

“In addition, 2017 will see VOW feature relevant products to complement technologies. For instance, we will be launching wireless/Qi charging pads from Reviva and a new range of monitors from HP, Samsung and Viewsonic.”


2017 is also likely to be an exciting year for consumer electronics, as Alex Mackay, Technology Product Manager, explains: “Another new addition for 2017 is the Trust consumer-facing range of power banks and phone cases. Action cameras including helmet cameras, wearable fitness and media devices will also feature heavily in next year’s range of products. Resellers’ customers will be able to experience the freedom of filming with brands such as Kitvision and their range of cameras like Escape HD5, Splash 1080p and the Escape 4K WiFi Action Camera.”

Exciting developments

Summing up, Gilly says: “OEMs are becoming more sector-specific and moving into new product areas to differentiate themselves from competition and this constant influx of new products will support their growth exponentially. All in all, 2017 is set to see some exciting new developments to VOW’s technology range – watch this space!”

The above products are due to hit the market from 2017. For more details, please email or follow @VOWHub on Twitter for the latest information and offers.

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