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Whitespace’s Final Roundtable of 2020 discusses the impact of AI and ML

Whitespace’s most recent TIER round table explored the risks of using machine learning and artificial intelligence across the private and public sector

Whitespace, the innovation and venture builders, hosted the final Technology & Innovation Executive Roundtable (TIER) event of 2020 on Thursday 26th November. The virtual roundtable event welcomed close to 40 participants from companies such as IBM, Google, Zoom, Rolls-Royce, Crisis, InnovateUK, as well as the Cabinet Office. The discussion focused on the challenges of using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help support data-driven decisions in both the public and private sector.

TIER was designed as a forum for senior representatives from both the public sector and private sector to convene and discuss the macro topics, trends and themes that incrementally impact on the UK’s economic growth through the application of digital transformation, technology, and collaborative innovation.

Data dominated the majority of the discussion, with participants deliberating on a variety of themes and topics, including the education of the wider population on the possibilities of machine learning and the ethics of using AI for data-driven decision making. The subject of COVID-19 was also touched upon, specifically how the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of these new technologies.

Andrew Webber, Chief Marketing Officer of Whitespace, commented: “We formed the TIER group to facilitate in-depth discussions between the organisations from the private and public sector. These roundtables allow industry experts to come together and discuss how technology and innovation can help the UK address some of the big industrial challenges we face today. We are always looking to invite technology and innovation leaders to join the TIER community and participate in these insightful conversations.”

Lord Nick Houghton, TIER Chair, commented: “We have established that this is a hugely complex and faceted issue. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is not something that should ever become a threat to human judgement but instead something that can complement it. So in that sense, we shouldn’t be looking at these technologies as threats to the human dimensions but using them as an opportunity to optimise them.”

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Whitespace are a team of researchers, engineers and technologists (along with a few former CTOs). We help businesses innovate, from the small things that can make a big difference to more-involved ‘Eureka!’ projects. We also own the largest community of innovators within the UK and it’s a trusted and private place for managers to C-Suite Levels to share challenges – and their answers to them.

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