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Why Authorised Training matters

Exclusive Networks Training Services are a valuable addition to any partner’s offering whether for internal use or resale

Q: What types of training does Exclusive Networks offer?

Exclusive Networks are an authorised training centre for a number of our vendors, includingForescout, Fortinet, Infoblox, Nutanix, Palo Alto and Thales.

Our training can be provided virtually, at our training suites, at the customer’s premises or at a suitable location for all parties.

Alternatively, bespoke training courses using selected material from the vendor courseware can be provided where necessary.

Both accredited training and bespoke training include instructor-led training and hands-on labs.

All Exclusive Networks’ trainers adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach, which means they teach course content with real-world practical experience, rather than simply facilitate how to achieve accreditation.

Q:  What do training courses from EXN typically cover?

The courses we offer are Vendor created and designed to address the needs of the technical staff in both resellers and end user customers. They can be broadly categorised into three areas:
1.   Installation and general management of the products
2.  Further features and advanced management of these products, and
3.  Troubleshooting techniques and scenarios revolving around the implementation of these products.

Q: What is the purpose of these courses?

Many of the products EXN distributes and supports are important parts in an often complex cyber-security infrastructure for any customer. It’s important that these are installed, managed and supported to their best effectiveness. Authorised Vendor Training courses from qualified, experienced and certified partners accelerates the effective implementation of the products into a customer’s solution.

The courses also provide industry recognised qualifications to those who consult, install, manage and support these products. Authorised training allows them to prove their level of expertise.

In some cases, Vendors need proof of this expertise before they will recognise the organisation as an authorised partner. Large organisations with a dedicated Cyber-Security team may need staff to have these qualifications so that they can promote them to their own customers.

Q: Why is training important?  

Many organisations feel they already have highly experienced staff.
They might also feel that new products are built on foundations of previous technologies, so staff already have all the knowledge they need. As long as they have the manuals, the product and possibly a lab environment, they can sort it out themselves, right?

Not at all. Without the relevant training, your support or consultancy services will either become slow, ineffective or simply unavailable through lack of qualification. Without accurate up to date knowledge, how can best practice during implementation be observed? In the worst case, incorrect configuration will negate the original purpose and unknowingly expose the environment.

Authorised training provides instant access to new techniques that new products can bring to market and expands the knowledge of consultancy and support staff quickly and accurately.

Q: What are the benefits for Partners?

There are several benefits for Partners, both in attending or reselling Authorised training.

In order to show competence and offer ongoing support to customers, a qualified team can ensure continued revenues through support contracts and consultancy projects. This is especially true for customers who don’t have the resource to manage their own solutions.

  1. PROVIDE EFFECTIVE SUPPORTA trained team will be able to manage more customers effectively then an untrained one. Effective services can help retain customers and keep healthy and productive relationships, ensuring future business.
  2. BOOST REVENUEProviding Authorised training (as a reseller) can help boost margins on projects and implementations, especially for those larger customers who have their own teams and require the ability to support themselves in their day-to-day activities. This may mean that some staff need training from a management and implementation point of view; more advanced or troubleshooting courses may be less necessary and can be provided via the support services of the reseller.
    Training your own staff will bring a quicker ROI on supplying support services to your customer. Selling training to a customers’ team will bring a quicker ROI on their investment in the new solution.
  4. ACHIEVE VENDOR CERTIFICATIONSMost Authorised Training has certification exams to pass, which not only demonstrate your expertise to the vendor, but often form part of a Partner Program with associated promotions. Achieving these certifications can mean better discounts for your organisation, more access to Vendor sales opportunities or marketing funding and more exposure from the vendor as a certified partner.

Q: Why should a Partner sell training?

Training is part of the Professional Services portfolio offered by EXN to our partners – a series of value-add services that enable you to …

By offering training courses, you are extending a greater level of service to your customers for something that costs very little to extol and can be added to any project or ongoing service that you provide.

  1. PROVIDE ADDITIONAL REVENUE FOR YOUYou will generate revenue for yourselves simply by getting customers to come on Authorised training. There will be more avenues for discussion and negotiation over the provision of our services. Training should automatically be part of any product solution, as an active and on-going discussion pushing the benefits to the customer.


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