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Why digital transformation projects fail revealed by boxxe

Avoiding business blind spots is the key to successful digital transformation, reveals new research by boxxe.

Its survey of 251 IT decision-makers in companies with more than 250 employees shows that while 82% of UK businesses have introduced new digital solutions or fast-tracked existing digital transformation plans in response to the pandemic, 35% have seen a digital project end in failure.

Reasons given include staff not being involved early enough (38%), companies trying to fit the business around a technology rather than vice versa (33%), lack of a clear vision and plan (31%), inadequate scoping and planning before starting (27%), lack of alignment between the IT department and other departments (25%) and lack of clear roles and responsibilities for roll out (24%).

The research also shows that over half (53%) of UK companies have neglected to staff digital projects in the past and that, of those that did, 49% did not ring-fence additional time for staff to manage them. More than one third (42%) have undertaken projects without additional budget.

Where projects are completed successfully, the main benefits are improved security (cited by 36%) enhanced productivity (34%) and better customer service (25%).

Joel Berwitz Chief Revenue Officer for boxxe said: “Businesses are under a lot of pressure to create efficiencies and it can be tempting to fast-track digital transformation projects as a result. However, without proper planning and experienced staff to support implementation, a digital project can turn into a huge problem – costing time, money and morale that companies cannot afford to lose.”

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