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Why fax still matters

For an overview of the role of fax in business today, with interesting statistics on fax usage in organisations with 500 plus employees, a good place to start is the OpenText-sponsored IDC report Fax Market Pulse: Trends, Growth and Opportunities (June 2017).

This includes numerous findings from the IDC Fax Survey of February 2017, highlighting the continued role of fax, why it is still valued and how fax technology is evolving.

Not the least surprising statistic for those who regard fax as old technology is that 82% of respondents reported no decline in fax usage compared to the previous year, with 43% seeing an increase in fax traffic and 39% reporting no change.

Three quarters (75%) expect fax usage to stay the same or grow over the next two years.

Reasons given for greater fax usage include integration with email, which makes it easier to use, cited by 44%; giving more employees access to fax (38%); integration of fax with back-end ERP, CRM and document management systems (33%); and concerns over the security of other communication methods (33%).

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