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Why Marston’s Telecoms?

When you’re looking to partner with a telecoms provider, two of the most important selection criteria are security and innovation. Which is exactly what Marston’s Telecoms offers

Tony Ford
Tony Ford

Like all good stories, Marston’s Telecoms started in a pub. Formed in 2008, the company originally provided services to its parent company, the brewer and restaurant operator, Marston’s PLC.

Marston’s PLC needed to improve communications between its 2,000 individual pubs and head office and wanted to eradicate the poor service it was receiving from more established service providers. It found that the most efficient and cost-effective way to do this was to build its own communications infrastructure.

Today, Marston’s Telecoms has expanded its portfolio to cover the full spectrum of voice and data communications, serving not just Marston’s PLC, but also other brewing and hospitality businesses, such as Heineken and Punch Taverns, as well as the wider business community through a network of resellers. It has a turnover of almost £8 million, up from £500,000 in 2008.

Tony Ford, Operations Director of Marston’s, says that it is this heritage that differentiates Marston’s Telecoms and continues to give it an edge over competitors. “Unlike most wholesale providers to the reseller channel, Marston’s are true users of their network,” he said.

“In brief, we know how important it is to have a network that works and cares about the end customer. Resellers can be confident that the network was designed for use, not for selling on. They can really use our brand to provide their customers with the confidence of choice over networks that are stretched and under invested. We have built additional tools to aid the reseller to provision and manage services, enabling them to fully own the experience that was built to just work.”

Secure and established
Marston’s Telecoms provides a flexible, competitively priced service to the channel, helping resellers deliver agile telecoms platforms that support progressive enterprises. Its network and service are over-engineered for performance and capacity, enabling end customers to harness the full power of digital communications and data for productivity and business efficiency.

Marston's Telecomms offices
Marston’s Telecomms offices

Today, Marston’s continues to invest in its infrastructure and product portfolio, which includes Broadband, Ethernet, Managed Wi-Fi, SIP, Hosted Voice and more, and continues to expand its reseller network by reaching out to new partners.

Owned by a large, profitable PLC, resellers can have peace of mind that Marston’s Telecoms is financially secure, with the buying power to ensure they get very competitive prices that they can pass on to their customers. At the same time, the organisation is small enough for resellers’ voices still to be heard.

Ford says everyone at the company prides themselves on giving resellers the care and attention they need to be successful. “We are fully invested in both our futures,” he said, “Small enough to be influenced, large enough to provide the benefits resellers need to develop their own business.”

Everything is set up to make it easy for partners to resell Martson’s Telecoms solutions, from the option to white-label products and billing in the interests of brand-building, to an easy-to-use partner portal and extensive technical support.

Being backed by such support and stability makes it easier for resellers to help customers embrace new digital services by giving them the confidence that a quality, solid foundation is behind them ensuring business continuity.

Work together
Summing up what makes Marston’s Telecoms such a great partner, Ford said: “Resellers are looking for something different – great services, products and pricing to support their businesses. But more importantly they want a partner that cares; one that will support their growth; one that has a brand that means something.”

He added: “Marston’s believes that success is contagious when all positive partners come together for an exciting future.”

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