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Why partner with Datto

Seven ways Datto helps MSPs win more business

Datto is a 100% MSP-focused business, with a global community of 17,000 partners and a diverse and growing product portfolio.

The portfolio encompasses best-in-class tools MSPs use to enhance their own efficiency, including PSA and RMM, and high-margin solutions that address the networking and business continuity/disaster recovery needs of their customers.

A number of UKI MSPs rely on Datto, not just for enterprise-level solutions, but also for guidance and support as they look to optimise and grow their business and explore new opportunities.

Datto’s continuous investment in world-class technology and the exabyte-scale Datto Cloud, along with the wrap-around technical support and the development of new solutions to meet the changing needs of today’s Managed Service Providers and their end users, enables Datto partners to keep improving their operational efficiency whilst developing profitable new revenue streams.

Because Datto identifies the opportunities and builds the solutions, MSPs do not have to devote their own time and resources to creating an SMB-focused product portfolio from the ground up. The heavy-lifting is done by Datto.

Here are seven reasons why we think Datto continues to attract new MSPs looking for the perfect technology partner.

1 More than just back-up
Partnering with Datto gives you access to the best in enterprise-level MSP technology to help you deliver more value to your clients and grow your business.

Datto’s RMM and PSA are perfect for optimising your own processes and workflows, but the centrepiece of its portfolio – and what gives many partners a foot in the door with clients – is business continuity, represented by Datto BCDR (for servers), SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (the latter formerly known as G Suite) and Cloud Continuity for PC and Datto File Protection (for both Mac devices and for PCs).

As Datto CEO Tim Weller says: “We cover the waterfront.”

These are true business continuity solutions that offer so much more than just back-up, including the ability to recover data and applications quickly in the event of data loss or a ransomware attack, which, increasingly, could involve the erasure of back-up servers and attacks on cloud back-ups.

“Back-up is easy,” explains Weller. “What is hard is replicating that in multiple locations, syncing, verifying, monitoring, testing, restoring it hundreds and thousands of times, with the same reliability and integrating with other systems like PSA and RMM and being available with live help 24/7 on difficult restorations.”

That complete solution is what Datto provides.

2 Datto Cloud
Datto protects data whether it is stored on a client’s PCs, servers, on-premises, private cloud or SaaS applications, backing it up to a Datto appliance with offset replication (and restores) in the Datto Cloud.

Datta Cloud is the reason many MSPs move to Datto, especially those that don’t want the expense and overhead of building and managing their own cloud. It is global, elastic, secure, delivers an exceptional restore experience and now also includes malicious deletion protection.

Another new feature, enhanced restore orchestration, automates cloud virtualisation configuration and infrastructure optimisation. Not having to spend time with manual configuration makes it quicker and easier for MSPs to conduct (and charge for) DR testing and raises the possibility of DR testing as a service.

3 Technology innovation
“In addition to ongoing investment in Datto Cloud, Datto continues to develop its product portfolio to give partners innovative new products and services to take to customers,” explains Justine Harris, Sales Director, UKI, Datto.

“These include many industry-firsts, such as Datto SaaS Protection, the first Microsoft 365/Google Workspace solution purpose-built for the MSP, and a back-up solution for Microsoft Teams that can backup all content, conversations and calendar information in public channels.”

Datto SaaS Protection is a good example of how product innovation enables Datto partners to address customers’ changing needs and, in doing so, generate additional income. Currently the fastest growing product in Datto’s portfolio, this provides much needed protection for customers’ Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data.

With Gartner predicting that, by 2022, 70% of all organisations will have experienced some business disruption due to unrecoverable data loss from a SaaS application and with Microsoft and Google SLAs stating that the customer alone is responsible for protecting end user data, this is clearly a vital tool for today’s working environment.

The same can be said about the newest product in Datto’s continuity portfolio, Cloud Continuity for PCs, which has seen explosive growth since March, in line with the move to Working from Home. Providing protection for remote PCs – the ‘new front line in the war against data loss’ – this sends image-based back-ups directly from a user’s PC to the Datto Cloud, so that should a laptop/PC be lost/stolen or suffer a ransomware attack, the MSP can quickly get the client back up and running.

4 Integration
Datto’s expanding offering shines a light on another of its big selling points – tight integration between the different elements of its portfolio, driving material efficiency benefits for MSPs using multiple Datto services. The ability to access the complete stack of Datto products through a single pane of glass with single sign-on gives MSPs a huge productivity boost. Instead of having to log into three or four different portals, you can see tickets, access the RMM, do back-ups/restores, monitor networking status all through one pane of glass.

Integration between Datto BCDR and RMM, for example, gives complete visibility of Datto Continuity within RMM, including the appliances and protected machines, the backup status (protected and unprotected volumes). It lets you initiate back-ups and restores from Datto RMM and instantly connect to a Datto appliance. Because of RMM and PSA integration, Datto BCDR information is now also available in the PSA.

5 24/7 support
To help MSPs get the most out of its products and deliver exceptional customer service, Datto backs up its offering with a technical support team available 24/7, 365 days of the year. The ‘Direct to Tech’ programme gives partners peace of mind that they will be able to get help with any problem at any time of day on any day of the year.

6 Partner programme
Award-winning technical support is just one of the benefits enjoyed by Datto’s global community of MSPs. Through its Global Partner Programme, Datto supports MSP partners in many other ways, helping them to win more business and develop additional expertise. These include:

*Datto Academy. Rolled out this summer, the Datto Academy enables MSPs to learn new skills and competencies. It currently offers 126 courses (a number that is growing every week) and, to date, more than 4,000 partners have enrolled on at least one of them.

*Datto Certification. This new certification programme enables MSPs to formalise and advertise their expertise in Datto solutions. It includes Level 1 certification – DCDS (Datto Certified Deployment Specialist) – for Continuity and RMM and Level 2 DCAT (Datto Certified Advanced Technician) for Continuity and RMM. In just three months, more than 1,000 individuals have achieved certification.

*Datto Knowledge Base. This central hub provides a repository for all documentation and other resources relating to Datto products and technologies.

*MarketNow. This free marketing automation platform gives partners access to hundreds of co-brandable assets and social media campaigns for lead generation.

*MDF. Datto also has a marketing development funds (MDF) program that, to date, has helped partners generate more than £2 million in recurring revenue.

*Dedicated support. To help partners get the most out of their marketing efforts, Datto’s dedicated sales enablement team can provide the tools, knowledge and resources they need to be successful. A Channel Account Manager, Solutions Engineer and Partner Success Manager are all there to help you reach your goals.

7 MSP community
Because Datto is successful when its partners are successful, it puts great emphasis on engaging with its partners, as well as the broader MSP community.

Alan Butler, Marketing Director, EMEA, Datto, points out that as well as taking a leadership role in the industry through free content like the annual Global State of the MSP Report and the soon to be released Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report, Datto provides a forum for discussion and collaboration at a range of events that are open to suppliers from across the MSP ecosystem.

“Our hugely popular Dattocon conferences are scheduled to return in 2021, starting in Seattle in June. Until then, Datto will continue to run a series of virtual MSP Technology Days, Discover Datto Days and Partner Summits as we continue to support partners during the coronavirus pandemic.”

He adds: “As a Datto partner, you really are part of a powerful supportive community, renowned for sharing advice, best practice and feedback with Datto executives.”

Become a partner today
Partners are at the core of everything Datto does. If you are looking to improve efficiency with fully integrated solutions, deliver more value to your clients, and grow your business, speak to a Datto representative today.

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