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Marston’s Telecoms have built on over 10 years of experience in the demanding hospitality sector which means they recognise the importance of communications for trading in the most challenging of environments. The experienced team of sales specialists develop relationships and create bespoke solutions from their vast portfolio of products to ensure businesses can perform effectively today and into the future. 

As the digital world continues to grow, as does the inevitable demand for additional bandwidth and communications. The Marston’s Telecoms UK wide network has key multiple datacentres and services can be delivered to businesses of all sizes from an established system that holds reliability, speed and security at its core.  The network is diversely built for maximum resilience with multiple inbound and outbound connections with security being a key design feature. 

Tony Ford 

In a survey by network solutions provide HPE Aruba, 92% of workers said their workplace would be improved through greater use of technology.  This coupled with the increasing demand from the consumer to be connected means it is now a standard by which businesses are measured and there is a need to invest in hardware, software and internet services.  Marston’s Telecoms pedigree means they understand what customers want and expect from their telecommunications company. 

Summing up what makes Marston’s Telecoms such a great partner, Ford said: “Resellers are looking for something different – great services, products and pricing to support their businesses, but more importantly they want a partner that cares; one that will support their growth; one that has a brand that means something.” 

He added: “Marston’s believe that success is contagious when all positive partners come together for an exciting future.” 

To find out more about working with Marston’s Telecoms, telephone 01902 283 300 or email

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