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Working Remotely from Home as a Security Risk – How to Protect Your Company Network in Times of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The number of employees that resorted to working remotely from home had just started to rise after strict regulations concerning the pandemic had come into place, when the first scam alerts on coronavirus-related phishing attacks also saw a huge surge. Taking advantage of the population’s thirst for information, cyber criminals kept flooding the internet with phishing mails and malware. The impact on businesses was severe and IT departments were greatly concerned.

Digital Security for Remote Working
What do you need to pay attention to when setting up remote workplaces from home? What components must be provided so that the company network and infrastructure are secured, also when offering remote working for employees?
The innovaphone Home Office solution offers an integrated security concept that exceeds the essential basics such as antivirus programs, password protected login, secure VPN tunnel and update management. This will enable you to work securely – also from home.

• Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication is standardly enabled by default with the work and communication solution innovaphone myApps. A second security check is provided to prevent misuse of user password.

• innovaphone Reverse Proxy
innovaphone Reverse Proxy is particularly suited for mobility solutions and Anywhere Workplace scenarios. It is an independent component of the innovaphone myApps solution and serves as central instance for all inbound requests coming from the internet. As a result, attacks are detected and repelled at an early stage.

• Integration of all Relevant Security Protocols
In order to withstand threats from outside as well as from inside the company organisation, all relevant security protocols are standardly integrated into all innovaphone products. These include the DTLS-SRTP protocol that ensures end-to-end encryption and the signaling protocol TLS for certificate-based authentication of various applications.

• RCC App
With the innovaphone RCC app (Remote Call Control app), external hardware devices such as the own smartphone, tablet or desktop phone are easily integrated into the secure work and communication environment when working remotely from home. What`s best: the employee is always available via the same phone number (innovaphone One Number Concept), no matter what device has been configured.

• Security Always On-Board
The various security functions and mechanisms are always standardly included in the innovaphone myApps solution, whether you are working at your desk in the office building or remotely from home. The highest level of security therefore also applies to the integration of external workplaces – all without requiring additional servers or elaborate computing power.

For additional information please visit digital security for remote working with innovaphone, or please refer to North Supply, our official distributor in the UK. / 01858411500 /

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