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Zyxel launches Just Connect campaign to put the focus firmly on partner managed services 

New marketing drive is designed to raise awareness of the Nebula cloud management platform and encourage partners to apply for Zyxel’s MSP Evolve programme 

Zyxel, the leading provider of networking, security and cloud-based management solutions, has launched its Just Connect programme in the UK to raise awareness of its easy-to-deploy and manage solutions amongst both end user customers and partners.

The campaign will place a strong emphasis on Nebula, Zyxel’s managed services platform that provides simple remote monitoring and management of the network from any device. Zyxel has seen exponential growth in the use of Nebula over the past 12 months with many MSPs adopting it as their standard management platform. Across the EMEA region, activation rates and the number of devices registered on Nebula have both grown by more than 100 percent year-on-year.

The Just Connect campaign will focus on SMBs and mid-sized organisations and the partners that target these markets. Part of the campaign will target the education market –  a strong area of adoption for Zyxel’s solutions. A schedule of email and social media communications, alongside a series of webinars for both for partners is now being rolled out. Zyxel will also make sales and marketing resources available to partners and provide rapid on-boarding for new partners though its distribution network.

“The whole idea of the Just Connect programme is to get across just how easy it is to deploy and manage Zyxel networking solutions”, said Rachel Rothwell, Regional Director for the UK and Ireland at Zyxel. “With a growing range of devices that can be pre-configured and automatically installed, and a proven management platform in Nebula, we have a really strong value proposition, both for customers and MSPs. We are already weaving the Just Connect message into our communications and we expect that to raise awareness and boost uptake of Nebula even more.”

Zyxel has a really good proposition for MSPs, she added. “We only launched our MSP Evolve partner programme in April and we have already signed-up more than 50 partners. By placing Nebula at the heart of their managed services offering, MSPs can provide a great service and experience for customers, while reducing their own costs and growing their business.”

The Zyxel MSP Evolve programme makes it as simple as possible for resellers to get their managed services business up and running. It provides partners with exclusive pre- and post-sales support and access to exclusive educational resources on the Nebula cloud.

About Zyxel Networks:

Zyxel Networks delivers market-leading networking and security solutions to business and home users. Its Nebula Cloud Networking Solution simplifies the journey to a secure and reliable network, and seamlessly protects users from network security threats. Zyxel works with its network of channel partners to serve 1 million businesses across 150 markets, with over 100 million connecting devices.

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