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Zyxel Networks launches new Campus Academy e-learning platform for network engineers

Digital transformation, new networking standards and the current business climate have all placed pressure on networking engineers to continually evolve, as well as keep on top of the latest technology and how it can drive business strategies. To support network engineers in this journey, Zyxel Network’s today announces its new e-learning platform – Zyxel Campus Academy.


Core modules


Led by expert instructors with world-class insight into technical and industry knowledge, the core modules cover level one security as well as switch, wireless and Nebula core competencies, all delivered via video and supporting eBooks, followed by a short quiz and certification exam.


These models provide step-by-step training on remote support and management for client devices via Nebula along with basic security technologies, supported with practical application examples and solution scenarios. They will also cover responding to user switching challenges and basic wireless LAN technology and scenarios.


Once network engineers have passed the certification, they can use their newly gained competencies to grow their business and deliver second-to-none customer experience.


Value-added services for resellers


The new e-learning platform comes as part of Zyxel’s value-business strategy to provide additional services for resellers to support business growth and development. In addition to training, Zyxel’s Value-Added Services also includes remote configuration support for resellers per product category, WiFi surveys to facilitate reseller’s broader WiFi projects and a unique customer experience centre in Germany.


“Traditional reseller training sessions hosted on-site can be expensive, both in terms of time and resources for resellers, but also aren’t flexible or easy for resellers to manage. The new online Zyxel Campus Academy is available 24/7 for resellers to attend wherever and whenever they can, at their convenience,” comments Jean-Marc Guignier, executive vice president of EMEA at Zyxel Networks.


“With resellers regularly welcoming new employees and technologies, there is a constant need for education and training to ensure teams are up to date with the latest knowledge. The networking industry requires a lot of training on new technology, so we saw a need for online training to enable resellers to become experts quicker and minimise disruption to working days,” adds Guignier.


While the Campus Academy is currently only available in English and German, other European languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish, will be added later in the year.


To further support resellers, Zyxel Ally Partners also qualify for upwards of 50% discount.


For more information and to attend Zyxel Campus Academy training courses, please see here:

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