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emporia Launches COACH – a 30-Day Training App

Offering seniors a stress-free introduction into the digital world

emporia Telecom announces a 30-day course, offered via its new COACH app, which now comes as standard on its new 2023 smartphones, and will become available to its current line-up. The app is ideal for users who are not yet confident in their knowledge of the digital landscape, whether they are complete beginners or are still developing their digital skills. After completing the training, emporia want users to be able to confidently handle their smartphone and start to fill the gaps in their knowledge, ensuring they can carry out common actions and fully utilise the features of their device.

The bespoke course has been tailored to match the learning patterns of older users, utilising an education method that resonate strongly with the age group. The SLOW – SLICE – REPEAT learning method ensures the user gains a basic understanding of the digital world and can confidently welcome a smartphone into their daily lives. This is done by slicing large chunks of learning into small, digestible lessons which are delivered slowly via a daily chapter. These lessons are then repeatable so that users can solidify their learnings and easily access resources when they need a refresher.

Information is delivered in a fun and engaging manor, through quiz-style questions or interactive activities for example. Upon completing a chapter, users are given a congratulations animation, a preview of their next topic and the option to continue tomorrow or advance to the next chapter. This makes the experience engaging, easily manageable and accessible at a comfortable speed. Daily notifications are delivered to the handset as reminders to complete the next step.  After completing the introductory course, the user will be offered a further follow-up course so that they can advance their skills.

Chris Millington, Managing Director at emporia Telecom UK & Ireland comments:“We know that after retirement, device usage drops significantly. This impacts the quality of a user’s interaction with the device, making everyday tasks more difficult simply because they don’t carry them out as frequently. Therefore, it is not simply a question of age. Digital engagement often depends on the frequency of use to build memory recall and confidence.  This is why we need to provide our users with valuable reasons to engage, regularly building confidence through repetition and expanding knowledge. By encouraging frequent use through fun game-focused learning, the coach app becomes a reason to interact with the device and build these important skills. The app is a natural evolution of our printed training books, offering increased levels of portability and the ability for us to deliver new content to the user.”

About emporia

emporia Telecom develops, designs, and manufactures easy-to-use communication devices specifically tailored to the needs of the elderly consumer. Its product portfolio includes smartphones, tablets, feature phones and other assistive devices. The company is changing the way that elderly people interact with technology.

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