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New price increase service from Union Street

Leading supplier of billing and provisioning solutions, Union Street Technologies, has announced the launch of the RPI Increase Service, a professional service which will enable its partners to make large scale price increases to products and services across an entire customer base.

Union Street introduced the service in response to the massive increases in inflation seen over the past year. Resellers across the ICT channel have seen the cost of their services go up dramatically, forcing them to increase prices in turn and pass on costs their customers. Depending on the complexity of a reseller’s estate, the process of increasing prices across a customer base can be a labour-intensive exercise with high potential for human error.

According to Union Street, its RPI Increase Service enables resellers to outsource much of the work to its consultants, giving resellers the freedom to implement RPI increases consistently and at regular intervals without having to find additional resources in-house. The service also reduces the risk of error which can easily occur when manually completing bulk price changes. Prices can be changed in two ways, either by a reseller specifying a percentage for which all prices should be uplifted, or by advising of a specific value to which prices should be increased.

Union Street’s Product Owner, Samantha Dennahy, commented, “Through consultations with our partners it became apparent that many of them, especially those with larger bases, were experiencing challenges with increasing their prices in response to inflation. We developed our RPI Increase Service to help them overcome these challenges.

“It provides a simple way to increase profitability with minimal effort, reducing the risk of error or mistake which comes from manually completing bulk price changes. Partners simply need to tell us which services and tariffs they want to change, the effective date, and what they want to change it to. We’ll then handle the implementation of those changes, taking away the hassle and worry of manually completing RPI increases in bulk, and leaving them free to concentrate on other things.”

About Union Street Technologies

Union Street Technologies Limited is the UK’s leading provider of billing, provisioning, and customer management solutions to resellers operating in the communications, data, and IT sectors. Its award-winning solutions are used extensively throughout the UK and Europe to manage communications and data services including fixed line, cloud, mobile, data and next generation networks.

Following a sustained period of organic growth, profit, and financial stability, Union Street merged with fellow channel software vendor, Aurora, in 2020. Union Street acquired a third longstanding vendor, Shaftesbury Systems, shortly thereafter to create an independent cloud-based billing and provisioning software business for the channel. Union Street now serves a partner base of over 900 companies and combined its solutions are used to process circa £2bn of retail billing per annum.

Union Street has a policy of continual product development, investing millions of pounds per annum into R&D to ensure its product portfolio is always at the leading edge of technological innovation. This commitment to product development is matched by a commitment to provide comprehensive training, support, consultancy, and account management, enabling clients to leverage maximum value from Union Street’s solutions.

This approach of providing high quality software backed by outstanding support services is best summed up in the company’s strapline, ‘Powering Your Potential’.

For Further Information Contact:

Gareth Pritchard

Marketing Manager

Tel: +44 (0)208 614 9090

DDI: +44 (0)208 614 7040

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