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Channel Leaders Are Balancing Profit With Purpose When It Comes To Sustainability

Agilitas Launches ‘EVOLVE for The Planet’ Report

Leading global channel services provider, Agilitas IT Solutions has today announced the launch of its ‘EVOLVE for The Planet’ report. This guide forms the latest instalment in its Technology Channel insight campaign, ‘EVOLVE – Voice of the Channel’, which continues to provide actionable, free-to-view market insights in 2022.

The report, which explores the findings of the latest research commissioned by Agilitas, reveals a new mindset within the industry, with the planet still front of mind despite the years of disruption from the likes of COVID-19 and Brexit. This year saw continued optimism in building a more resilient business model to survive external factors, with confidence in this area reaching 7.8 on the barometer (where 10 is very optimistic).It was also revealed that many Technology Channel businesses are now measuring purpose and profit in equal measure, with almost half (46%) of those asked stating it has become more of a focus. Of those remaining, more companies (18%) are prioritising environmental and social purpose over profit when it comes to their partnerships.

However, despite this increase in overall optimism and awareness of measuring sustainability targets, the Channel did see a slight fall in confidence when it came to the Channel’s ability to adopt eco-friendly processes across their supply chain. The size of the company was a factor, with larger organisations the most confident with their sustainability strategies for the next 12 months. Interestingly, none of the companies surveyed with less than 100 employees scored 9 or 10 out of a possible 10.

With Channel businesses all at different stages of their sustainability journeys, this is not an overnight fix. However, it is encouraging that 98.4% of businesses are currently making strides to improve their impact on the planet. Channel firms are no longer waiting for the vendors to make the first move, with more companies now taking ownership and building their own localised eco-systems through increased partner-to-partner collaboration. This was shown by 82% of those surveyed saying they only opt for partners they align with.

“With the impact of climate change now a significant concern, sustainability is no longer something that can be claimed through small actions or gestures like offsetting,” commented Deborah Johnson, Head of Sustainability at Agilitas. “To be effective, it requires a complete transformation of business processes that start with a sustainability-first mindset and an even deeper collaboration with industry partners, which is something we are already seeing.

“As a result, becoming sustainable without significantly increasing costs is proving to be a real challenge, but has been met by those in the industry with positivity and confidence. The way sustainability efforts have advanced in the face of the external factors we have experienced in the last few years is very promising, and the research results only serve to highlight that.”

The release of this report follows the implementation of Agilitas’ eVentory Charter and Sustainability Pledge, the latest step in its ongoing commitment to Act with Impact and provide sustainable inventory management services across the Technology Channel.

Agilitas will be releasing further findings in its next ‘how-to’ guide, ‘Evolve For The People’. To request your free copy of the full report, please visit:

Agilitas surveyed 250 channel leaders working in UK-headquartered businesses, with an annual turnover of over £5million. The report presents the findings of this commissioned research, conducted in partnership with leading research firm Opinion Matters.

About Agilitas

With over 30 years supporting the Technology Channel, we understand the important role Agilitas plays when representing our channel partners’ brands. When choosing a trusted service partner it is essential that your reputation is in safe hands. Agilitas’ partner centric approach provides the assurance and credibility required to add true value to our customers partner ecosystem.

The Agilitas team, also known as our innovators, are born problem solvers. Discovering the unknown, disrupting the norm, and passionate on identifying the future direction of the Technology Channel, in terms of how technology consumption is evolving. The team have crafted a suite of unique business outcomes based around their Inventory-as-a-Service solution.  Designed specifically to address the technology hardware needs of our channel partners and their end user customers, our Inventory-as-a-Service enables technology leaders to pivot their business, whether that be sustainability, supply chain optimisation, business resilience or commercial agility.

Agilitas IT Solutions Limited is based in Nottingham, UK.

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