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Epson goes all in with heat-free inkjet technology

Reaffirming its commitment to shape the future of printing with heat-free technology, Epson has boosted its sustainable inkjet offering with the launch of the new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C Series

With the launch of the new WorkForce Enterprise AM-C Series, Epson now offers a total suite of sustainable, heat-free business inkjet multifunction printers. The new models, which offer print speeds of 40-60 ppm meet the needs of the mid-market, plugging an important gap in Epson’s A3 business product portfolio, and significantly expanding the addressable market for its partners.

The launch comes a year after the company announced a ¥100 billion investment into sustainable innovation and results from laser technology’s limited ability to make significant steps towards improved sustainability due to its requirement for heat during the print process, and therefore increased energy use.

A significant shift

The new range, which leverages Epson’s Piezo heat-free inkjet technology marks a significant shift for the company in a number of ways as Richard Wells, Head of Office Print Sales explains: “We have long championed business inkjet, investing over half a billion euros in the development of our proprietary PrecisonCore printhead technology since 2018.

“It’s now widely accepted that inkjet is a more sustainable technology than laser. We have already ended sales of laser in the UK and so our recent announcement – that we will end the sale of Epson laser printers globally – shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it is significant – and supports both our sustainability agenda and our commitment to sustainable innovation.”

Inkjet technology can reduce energy consumption compared to laser,
and with a compact footprint and a lightweight design, these products help limit resources used during production and shipping. This reduced size also means they easily integrate into the office and save space. High yield ink cartridges also reduce material usage, shipping, storage and end of use management of consumables.

And with fewer moving and consumable parts to replace over the lifetime of the printer compared to lasers, service and maintenance needs of Epson inkjets are also substantially reduced, along with resulting printer downtime, improving productivity and end-user satisfaction.

“Supported by a series of product and service improvements, this new range allows us to commit fully to our proprietary Piezo inkjet technology, which is now a viable, and affordable, solution for all market segments,” Wells said.

Closing the gap

The new Enterprise AM-C Series brings high reliability, efficiency and quality to the 40-60 ppm segment and importantly introduces Epson heat-free inkjet to the mid-market for the first time.

The new products bring static line- head technology to the mid-range speed market and for Epson’s channel partners will simplify the sales process, ensuring end-users have the best product fit while still addressing the sustainability agenda.

“As we operate an indirect sales model it’s critical to us that we support our partners in all ways possible. This new range will help partners looking to leverage the advantages of inkjet technology to supply a full range of sustainable products from one manufacturer, streamlining fleet maintenance and management. And with reliable support services in place including managed print, workflow and remote service solutions, we can help deliver scalable, low maintenance, high quality, reliable, sustainable print systems,” Wells explained.

The AM-C Series addresses a demand already generated for this type of sustainable product within the middle market, and for channel partners, enables the provision of inkjet solutions for all needs within the office print environment; from small workgroup desktop units to high speed departmental machines – and now all speeds and demands in-between, including catering for those wanting advanced finishing solutions.

“Ultimately these are workhorses made viable and affordable for the middle market.

“They leverage print technology that not only saves energy (and therefore money) but that reduces overall consumables and resource demand. And for those unsure about switching from laser to heat-free inkjet printing, Epson’s Optimisation Tool is quantifying the subsequent cost, energy and time savings businesses can enjoy as a result,” Wells concluded.


WorkForce Enterprise AM-C Series – Highlights:

  • Most compact footprint in class and significantly reduced weight
  • C-shaped paper feed reducing the chance of paper jams and improving reliability
  • 10.1 inch interface panel – smarter and more intuitive with eco print settings
  • Simple and easy to use with auto paper size detection and soft-closing paper cassettes
  • Easy loading, compact high capacity ink cartridges
  • High capacity paper handling – up to 5,150 sheets
  • Reduce downtime – designed for easy internal access and quick and efficient routine maintenance
  • 60 ppm/120 ipm scan capability and optional embedded OCR feature
  • Inner finisher – compact and space saving to compile and staple documents -also available with optional hole punch
  • Attachable booklet outer finisher – to provide stapling, hole punching, envelope printing, saddle stitching, and centre and tri folding
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