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IT teams at fault for missed goals

Pure Storage is calling on IT professionals to collaborate more closely with sustainability leaders when selecting IT, following a study by Wakefield Research that highlights the damaging effects of technology infrastructure energy usage on corporate sustainability goals.

Drivers of Change: Pure Storage IT Sustainability Impact Survey 2022 reveals that half of UK companies are behind on their sustainability goals, despite 73% treating sustainability initiatives as a priority.

One reason is the amount of energy consumed by IT, with 90% of UK sustainability program directors doubting whether organisations will be able to reach their sustainability goals without a significant reduction in IT infrastructure energy usage.

Instead, 76% expect the impact of technology infrastructure on their companies’ carbon footprint to grow over the next 12 months.

The report attributes significant blame to IT teams, with 63% of UK respondents saying that vendors’ sustainability credentials tend to be overlooked during the vendor selection process and 64% say sustainability managers only become involved once the purchasing process has already begun.

One third of respondents identified IT as the function least likely to take steps to support their company’s sustainability goals.

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