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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise unites global partners for 2022 virtual conference 

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a leading provider of communications, cloud and networking solutions tailored to customers’ industries, is hosting its global partner conference between February 15-16th 2022. 

 Following the success of last year’s Connex21 event, which was the first of its kind to be held virtually, this year’s Connex22 conference will again take to a virtual stage, prioritising the safety of employees and partners and demonstrating Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s belief that the enterprise can work from anywhere and everywhere. 

With a purpose to maintain business continuity and inspire the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise community for the year ahead, Connex22 will bring together Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners and employees from all over the world. 

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Go Future’ and recognises that the future is built upon experience and learning as well as ambition and goals. The event will feature CEO Jack Chen, alongside other Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise executives and business leaders. 

The conference will discuss the challenges faced during 2021, from the health crisis to the global components shortage. It will also showcase the company’s 2022 strategy, discussing core business objectives, the product roadmap, and growth opportunities for the business and its international partners in 2022. 

 “Supported by learnings from the last two years, businesses now have the opportunity to take advantage of digital transformation, and thrive by embracing new technologies which boost business with more efficiency at employee and company level,” comments Rukmini Glanard, Executive Vice President Global Sales, Services and Marketing. “Some businesses are yet to adopt the necessary technologies, and we are committed to guiding them on their digital transformation journey. For those who have already started, it’s about optimising the use of technologies such as the cloud, automation, IoT, network data and Artificial Intelligence to reach their full business potential in 2022 and beyond.”  

 Continuing its vertical focus, Connex22 will reveal Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s plans for further innovation across the healthcare, education, government, transportation energy and utilities markets. Solutions specialists will demonstrate new product roadmaps and present the ways in which Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will continue to support partners in making everything connect for business growth. 

 “Connex22 ‘Go Future’ is about continued momentum for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, our business partners, and of course our customers,” says Rukmini Glanard. “It’s about building on the progress we have made in digitalising business with continued co-creation and innovation. The digital landscape holds so many possibilities and we look to a future of building great relationships and solutions to facilitate even more business success in the digital age.” 

 Following the announcement of new partnerships, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has an even stronger ecosystem of 3,400 business partners all over the world. This helps the company achieve an effective international reach, with a local focus, for over a million customers around the world.

About Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers the customised technology experiences enterprises need to make everything connect. 

ALE provides digital-age networking, communications and cloud solutions with services tailored to ensure customers’ success, with flexible business models in the cloud, on premises, and hybrid. All solutions have built-in security and limited environmental impact. 

Over 100 years of innovation have made Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise a trusted advisor to more than a million customers all over the world. 

With headquarters in France and 3,400 business partners worldwide, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise achieves an effective global reach with a local focus.

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