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Driving business growth from the tech in your pocket : Joe Walsh, Director of B2B – Samsung UK

As society has moved towards a more fluid and flexible style of working, where you can work where you want and how you want, even the most well-equipped enterprises are still facing teething issues with connectivity, support, integration and security. Through the speed of this change in working habits, businesses that are bogged down by legacy technology can’t keep up with this influx and inconsistent demand of services, resulting in frustrated employees and ultimately a stagnation in business growth.

For fluid working to succeed, it weighs heavily on businesses and their teams being able to do the job to the same or higher standard than working entirely from the office. In order to do this, fast, reliable, secure and seamless connectivity is required. Our recent survey found that more than half of respondents (51%) have upgraded their smartphones so they can work from anywhere, on their own terms, due to them feeling confident and empowered by technology. Whether employees are working from the office, a train or a café abroad, with the right technology, connection can be stronger than ever.

Samsung has doubled down and focused its attention on developing technology that is helping enable businesses to level up in this fluid landscape. The latest enterprise focussed technology is being designed to unlock new capabilities, giving employees the ability to dial in from their watch or sign a document from their phone – sky rocketing enterprise productivity levels. With business operations taking place from anywhere, remaining connected can sometimes be a struggle. Interoperable tech ensures that employees stay online, can smoothly switch between platforms and share documents seamlessly – bolstering downtime and ensuring no time or business is lost due to tech failures.

For enterprises to successfully navigate the world of fluid working, it is vital that businesses are comfortable and have strong trust in the security-focussed tech they are using to combat all network security vulnerabilities at any level. This is also important to maintain business reputation with present and future clients, who may lose trust and take business elsewhere if hit with potential severe breaches and data theft. Employing technology with business and data security at the forefront, such as fingerprint scanners and customisable anti-tracking systems, keeps everything airtight from wherever in the world teams may be working.

Remote working continues to pose risk to enterprises if the backend technology setup isn’t correct. For example, employees at home are attempting to carry out IT tasks alongside their current roles, that would have once only been supported by internal IT departments. There is also increased risk of cyber-attacks and security breaches, which are becoming a matter of when, not if, for businesses – meaning that networks need to be airtight. Choosing the right technology such as the latest Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra Enterprise Edition devices is imperative. Enterprises need layered security, which comes in the format of the Knox suite, this allows businesses to configure, manage and protect operations with ease from mobile devices.

It is also through partnerships within in the tech sphere that are helping maximise the potential of technology. A standout partnership between Samsung and Microsoft combines technology that works to ensure workflows are not disrupted at any time, by enabling users to check calls, messages and notifications from one device. This technology also guarantees all documents and reminders are synced through all devices, not letting any important tasks to be dropped or run over deadlines – a common problem with siloed tech.

Putting in the effort to look around the market and select technology with suitable pricing models and financing options allows business leaders to improve efficiency and thus, grow and develop their businesses. Implementing tech that is integrative, connected and secure not only saves a lot of time and money, but also can make jobs infinitely easier for all. Being able to do multiple tasks, such as presenting, dialling in a completely remote team and finalising business deals, all using one piece of tech is the future of fluid-enterprise working.

For business leaders in the hybrid age of working, implementing the correct tech with standout features such as support, connectivity, security and integration is a major key to success. Our new S23 Enterprise Edition series is here to turbocharge the Galaxy ecosystem, empowering teams to collaborate from far and wide to get the job done. The ecosystem is centred on seamless connectivity, making it incredibly easy to share things between multiple devices. Choosing tech that encapsulates these business needs, in turn, improves the employee experience, boosts productivity levels and empowers wellbeing within businesses.


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