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emporia Telecom Launches Portfolio of Easy 4G VoLTE Handsets Devices introduced in response to UK’s upcoming 3G network switch-off

emporia Telecom, a leading brand in the easy mobile space has bolstered its range of simplified phones for people aged +65 years. The company has enhanced its 4G device offering to include several stunning new designs that use VoLTE technology enabled with core simplicity. This means that seniors who currently rely on a 3G feature phone will be able to invest in a similar device – to continue making calls when much of the UK’s 3G network becomes defunct in 2023. For many older users upgrading to a smartphone is cost prohibitive or simply not wanted.

Chris Millington, UK Managing Director at emporia Telecom says: “We now offer a fantastic and scalable range of VoLTE enabled easy-to-use mobiles. Our research shows that not all seniors want a smartphone – and that consumer demand is strong and growing for easy feature phones. When network operators turn off the UK’s 3G networks many older customers will potentially be left unable to use their existing mobile phones. We have put together this new collection of 4G handsets, specifically with these customers front of mind. Our new devices incorporate settings for all UK networks – so will work on VoLTE with any VoLTE 4G sim from day one.”

The expanded emporia 4G portfolio now includes the following devices:

SIMPLICITY glam, RRP £90 – a simplified clamshell phone with large display available in white or black finish. This device has a stylish external display showing battery level, with call and message alerts. It is splashproof and comes with interchangeable back covers allowing the integrated emergency button to be hidden.  There is also an easy-to-use cradle style charger, well-spaced raised keys and three direct dial buttons.

SIMPLICITY, RRP £80 – an easy-to-use candy bar handset in a slightly tapered form factor and soft touch finish for more confident handling. This phone has an attractive steel effect edging giving it a stylish retro aesthetic. The emporia SIMPLICITY has large, raised keys which provide excellent defined pressure points, loud clear sounds, extra-large fonts, and it comes with a cradle for easier charging.

JOY, RRP £100 – the perfect combination of an easy-to-use flip phone with a 2MP camera with VoLTE for great sound – presented in a matt black finish with silver edge detail. This device has extra-large, illuminated, and raised keys, along with a large 2.8” main screen and an external screen for caller ID, time, and date. Also accompanied by an easy-to-use charging cradle.

TOUCH smart 2, RRP £150 – an updated version of emporia’s best-selling WhatsApp enabled device – bringing an attractive combination of functionality, form and style including an 8MP camera for high quality photos. The TOUCH smart 2 combines a large clear touchscreen and physical keyboard in one device, which also has interactive voice control. The device has chat application options of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal pre-installed for UK and Irish users – with a dedicated chat key to open the app, which offers an excellent user experience combining touchscreen with physical keys. This device presents a market opportunity to retailers for customers who are feature phone native, but not yet ready for migration to a smartphone.

All emporia devices are ergonomically designed to work in harmony with the changing needs of people as they age. Bluetooth and USB Type-C connections are standard across the new portfolio, and all come with charging cradles. All handsets offer the user hearing aid compatibility, amplified sounds, higher definition screens and emporia’s unique and simplified Android operating system, facilitating intuitive usage and easier navigation of menus.

Chris adds: “Our expanded 4G LTE range offers a greater number of easy-to-use functions and a wider choice of form factors, without bamboozling the user with technology that they most likely will not understand, nor want, or even be able to use. At every stage in the design of this collection we have focused on access, simplicity and the joy of communication.

As an industry we must acknowledge the fact that not all seniors are the same and that our needs change subtly with age. Using a mobile handset designed specifically with these age-related changes in mind simply means a device will be easier to use and will support the owner for longer.”

Ben Branson, CEO of Fonehouse adds: “We are excited to add these stunning new emporia devices to our portfolio and know that our customers will really appreciate the increased choice. Their unique combination of simplicity and functionality with VoLTE will bring enhanced call quality – which is a must for most older customers. The devices can also be used on any network which again gives the customer increased options.”

The devices are available now from and Amazon UK.

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