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Glide Group Delivers Gigabit Fibre Broadband Across the Midlands

Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham business parks benefit from high speed Glide Gigabit services

Glide Group, a market leader in ultra-fast broadband connectivity and deploying fibre infrastructure, today announces that it is upgrading its award-winning fibre infrastructure in Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham and introducing its new range of Glide Gigabit full-fibre broadband services offering symmetric 10 Gbit/s speeds with low latency, ideal for supporting cloud-based business applications.

For businesses, gigabit fibre broadband means greater speed and productivity. Reliable, ultrafast broadband aligns with the agile working patterns now becoming commonplace. Cloud-based workspaces and collaboration tools allow employees to work seamlessly whether in the office or at home.

Glide has challenged convention to transform over 5,000 UK businesses across the UK, bringing full-fibre broadband directly to business parks underserved by larger ISPs. Every metre of fibre that Glide lays is gigabit-capable. Entry-level services are FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband with the latest generation WiFi6 routers. Leased lines are available to suit any business requirement. All Glide Gigabit services offer up to 10 Gbit/s speeds for both upload and download.

Glide is one of the few ISPs physically laying fibre end-to-end all the way from its own local infrastructure and roadside green cabinets, across its own national core network to the internet. As a result of its acquisition of Concept Solutions People in May, Glide has been able to accelerate its fibre build in strategic locations.

Tim Pilcher, CEO of Glide Group commented: “Glide’s business started out in Coventry and our rollout of 10 Gbit/s capable infrastructure will provide local businesses with award-winning fibre that offers fast and reliable connectivity. SME businesses took a hit from the pandemic and with the growing need for robust cloud-based business applications, it is our priority to equip the Midland’s business community with the best fibre connectivity possible.”

About Glide

Glide is a market-leading infrastructure and utilities business, delivering hyperfast connectivity across the UK and Europe and operating in sectors such as student and built-to-rent accommodation, shared HMO living, and business parks.

We do the complex things that the giants cannot, operating in areas that are difficult to access and difficult to service while enabling devices, buildings and cities to become smarter.

With our own national full fibre network reaching over 100,000 premises, we create better internet experiences through best in class fast and reliable broadband services, cabling expertise, smart technology, and data insight.


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