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MAXHUB launches next-generation BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone for crystal-clear conferencing

The brand-new MAXHUB BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone makes for premium virtual meeting experiences thanks to its powerful pick-up range and crystal-clear audio. Enjoy immersive, disruption-free meetings with this intelligent conferencing solution.

MAXHUB, a leader in communication, conferencing, and collaboration solutions, today launches its latest Bluetooth speakerphone, the BM35, ensuring every meeting detail is heard loud and clear. The powerful and portable device provides the ultimate conferencing tool for exceptional audio coverage in any meeting space and is available now via MAXHUB’s partners across the globe.

The BM35 ensures every voice is heard, thanks to its 360° omnidirectional audio algorithms. Its powerful pick-up range can capture participants up to six meters away, while its eight-microphones set the industry benchmark for clear, efficient meeting experiences.

Effective collaboration and enhanced productivity 

Optimised to keep human voices crisp, the BM35 enables smooth conferencing that feels as natural as a face-to-face discussion. Hybrid teams can connect via True Wireless Stereo to enhance the range and reach more than 20 people simultaneously. 

With AI noise and acoustic echo cancellation incorporated, the BM35 limits background noise and unnecessary distractions. Intelligently absorbing and filtering out intrusive sound, the speakerphone enhances meeting productivity with superior, high-fidelity (hi-fi) sound quality.

Supports natural, in-depth discussions

The BM35’s automatic gain control (AGC) feature helps keep participant’s volume consistent, even when individuals move around while speaking. The device’s intuitive algorithms dynamically adjust the voice volume, ensuring a consistent output at the other end.  

Equipped with full-duplex audio, this powerful speakerphone distributes sound from opposite sides through separate channels. As a result, meeting participants on either end can communicate simultaneously, giving depth to conversations for meetings that flow organically.

Exceptional coverage everywhere you meet

Portable and adaptable to any size meeting space, this premium device from MAXHUB provides exceptional coverage in multiple environments. Equipped with a 4400MAh built-in battery that can last up to 30 hours, it eliminates awkward wiring and empowers teams with unconstrained collaboration time.

“The powerhouse BM35 Bluetooth speakerphone is MAXHUB’s latest contribution to the unified communications solutions market. It captures every utterance in perfect detail while providing an exceptional listening experience for distortion-free in-depth conversations,” says General Manager Darren Lin. “Providing a highly immersive soundscape, the BM35 has been purpose-built for modern, hybrid meetings.”

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As an innovation-driven team, MAXHUB focuses on developing collaboration solutions that enable immersive communications. We have enhanced team creativity and productivity worldwide by providing advanced audio-visual technologies and one-stop solutions.

MAXHUB Ecosystem focuses on a total solution for complete scenarios. From smart interactive displays, high-quality UC products, ground-breaking all-in-one LED, and eye-catching digital signage to Mobile Stands for flexible work, we’ve got you covered.


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