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SPL aim to deliver 5G in the Clouds

Stratospheric Platforms Limited (SPL) has received investment from PT Profesional Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PROTELINDO), the largest telecommunication infrastructure company in Indonesia, as it seeks to raise £130 million to deliver airborne antenna services globally. The UK-based company aims to provide 5G network coverage from the stratosphere using hydrogen-powered High Altitude Platforms (HAPS).

These unmanned aircraft each have a phased-array antenna designed for standard LTE/5G smartphones capable of delivering direct broadband connectivity to users over an area of 15,000 km2 with connection speeds of up to 200 Mbps. HAPS offer seamless integration with terrestrial networks and tower operators, extending connectivity to hard-to-reach areas without the requirement for large capital expenditure associated with terrestrial roll-outs.

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