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Optimising customer experience and business interactions: how Enreach is harnessing the power of telecoms

Irrespective of the sector a business works in, the need to stand out from the crowd is critical to gain – and retain – competitive edge. No opportunity can be missed to make customers feel valued and special, especially in crowded, commoditised sectors where opportunities to differentiate one business from another may be more limited.

One of these areas of differentiation is telecoms – an area where converged contact specialist Enreach has firmly established itself at the forefront of innovation. The company’s solutions are proven across a broad spectrum of sectors in optimising customer and user experience (CX and UX) and so contributing strongly to winning and retaining customers, as well as making life simpler for colleagues.

The global pandemic has seen a shift from office-based to hybrid or even fully remote working for many customer-facing businesses – but, irrespective of the location of staff, the need to deliver a customer experience that is memorable for the right reasons is critical.

The shift to home working has required telecoms providers to move away from supplying systems and services focused on all employees being in a single location, to more flexible solutions which cater for employees who may not even be located in the same country, let alone the same building. This is especially the case for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) servicing customers nationwide or even internationally. The experience for customers’ needs to be consistent, high-quality and seamless wherever and whenever it is accessed – whether the interaction relates to a sales enquiry, billing, customer support or a service requirement.

Leading providers have innovated new solutions and ways of working and prominent among them has been Enreach with an approach based on converged contact solutions.

The modern customer does not necessarily communicate only through voice, email and chat – and modern converged contact solutions are increasingly bringing together the capability for communication via SMS, WhatsApp, other messaging platforms and even in-app conversations. This flexibility will continue as new messaging and communications trends continue to develop and will also extend to other functions such as payments and e-ticketing.

Following on from that, modern solutions are now enabling customer and user conversations which begin on one channel to be transferred and continued across others, without any loss of the conversation’s history. This prevents customers having to completely restart an enquiry when, for example they move to an enquiry via a website to a telephone or email conversation.

That flexibility is extending to staff too, with the latest communication technology enabling easy and rapid transition across and between communications platforms. An example here would be a colleague receiving a call via their mobile phone and then transferring the conversation to a laptop where appropriate. This is especially important in SMEs where almost every colleague will at some stage receive inbound communications.

Above all, communication solutions must retain the flexibility to grow with their users and enable the addition of further functionalities as business needs, and in particular customer needs, continue to evolve.

Data harnessed in this way can also be used to understand patterns in customer behaviours, develop customer personas and adapt communications and service offerings accordingly – to deliver stand-out, memorable CX and set your business apart.

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