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Pangea launches free, smart PSTN switch-off sales planner tool for partners

With the clock ticking on the PSTN switch-off, channel partners might be starting to lose sleep over migrating their customers.


So Pangea has launched their PSTN switch-off sales planner: a free, smart tool that’ll help the channel take the guesswork out of the PSTN switch-off, cut weeks from planning replacement rollouts, and identify the perfect connectivity solution for each deployment.


What’s in the PSTN switch-off sales planner tool?


  • Switch off dates for every line in a partner’s base, so they will know exactly when they need to migrate their customers over

  • Stop sell dates for every postcode partners enter, so they can plan in advance and let customers know there’s a better option

  • Recommended intelligent mobile connectivity solutions for each site, based on location, data usage, and more


Why mobile trumps SoGEA for PSTN migration


2.4m businesses still rely on the PSTN for their solutions, and they need partners to guide them out of this sticky situation.


SoGEA might be replacing ADSL services, but it’s still using the same ill-equipped copper lines; so it’s vulnerable to outages, and will be affected by weather and distance from exchanges. Plus, it can only reach up to 80 Mbps speeds.


On the other hand, intelligent mobile data comes with a whole range of options: Multi-network 4G, 5G plug-and-play, static IPs, and mobile L2TP for ISPs.


Intelligent mobile connectivity is also much easier to install, with speeds of up to 150 Mbps on 4G and 500 Mbps with 5G. Pangea partners will never need to worry about outages or poor signal again with unsteered Multi-network SIMs that stay connected to the strongest network at all times.


Best of all: IoT and intelligent mobile data solutions are worth 3-5x more in exit value than fixed-line. They’re the clear choice for better business growth.


PSTN migration success stories


Pangea has already helped their partners win plenty of high-revenue PSTN migration deals.


For example, one of their ISP partners needed to migrate 10,000 cash machines away from fixed-line broadband on the PSTN. And with their customers being the UK’s biggest banks, they couldn’t afford any downtime.


So Pangea migrated them to 4G Multi-network over L2TP, winning their partner £2.9m in the process, all while their customers continued to use the cash machines.


Another partner needed to help a government body migrate 4,500 essential street furniture endpoints (streetlights, traffic lights, cabinets, and more) before the PSTN switch-off, once again with zero downtime.


Pangea custom-built them a secure WAN with unsteered 4G Multi-network SIMs and high-gain antennas, keeping the vital street furniture connected. And their partner landed £2.8m in revenue.


There is plenty more to be done still. Over 200 kinds of applications still rely on the PSTN and need to migrate, including:


  • 500,000 electronic point of sale machines

  • 25,000+ network endpoints in the water industry

  • 180,000 emergency call out systems in lifts

  • 43,000+ endpoints used by gas and electricity companies

  • 1.8m wearable alarms in the telecare industry

  • 1m+ burglar and fire alarm systems


Sales Director Bernie McPhillips said using the planner couldn’t be easier. ‘I’m delighted to put our partners first with our first-of-its-kind PSTN switch-off sales planner tool.’


‘Partners just need to upload a few simple details about their deployments into our portal, and they’ll have a curated sales plan in their hands within seconds,’ he explained.


‘The PSTN switch-off is the biggest change in telecoms in the last 30 years; and the more prepared channel partners are, the more profitable an opportunity it’ll become. Give your customers the guidance they need, and you’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come.’

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