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Xelion and Cinnovate develop telephony care solutions

Xelion, the multi-award winning cloud telephony provider, has developed an integrated telephony care solution with Cinnovate, which offers people with disabilities as much independence as possible. Thanks to Xelion’s communication platform, Cinnovate’s care solution has optimal accessibility.

Cinnovate specialises in developing technologies that offer people with disabilities as much independence as possible in their own homes. According to Commercial Director Sietse Dugour, Cinnovate’s services are always developed from the perspective of the client so that they can live as independently as possible. “Think of being able to control the lighting or roller blinds yourself,” says Dugour. “Safety is one of the most important guarantees we offer clients and carers. We also help care organisations with efficiency, because if people can live independently, the demand for care is also lower. The starting point is to do what is possible yourself, with support if necessary.”

Collaboration with Xelion

Cinnovate has been successfully using Xelion’s hosted telephony platform for several years. In the current partnership, Cinnovate will be able to develop more services on the Xelion platform. “In particular, Xelion’s open API makes it possible to integrate services for customers,” says Dugour. “Our smartphones run the Assist App, our call system for employees. Thanks to the link with Xelion, we can now also offer telephony functions integrated in the Assist App.”

Next steps

Further expansion of the functionality is now on the agenda as a next step in the collaboration between Xelion and Cinnovate. This integration is being developed step by step. “An address book, forwarding and chat are three functions that are very important for the health care staff,” Dugour continues. “We have our own chat platform, but we would like it better if this could also be processed in Xelion for the office staff at care institutions. Login should be automatically transferred so that username and password synchronise with the Xelion platform. In this way, the care staff can also work independently of the device. If we can do this, we are truly unique in the market.”

Integrated care solution

In the future, Xelion would like to grow with Cinnovate, says Dave Reynolds, Xelion UK Managing Director (Pictured). “Cinnovate has many customers in the healthcare sector and offers a range of healthcare solutions. We are happy to be a permanent partner in this collaboration. A complete integrated care solution offers both Cinnovate and Xelion a truly unique added value – it is a win-win situation.”

About Xelion

Xelion was founded in the Netherlands by Micha Cohen in 1988. The Xelion cloud-based telephony solution was developed in 2012 to optimise the efficiency and performance of business communication. In 2016 Xelion entered the UK market and Dave Reynolds joined as UK Managing Director.

The company is totally focused on the comms channel with a partner only policy, so there are never any conflicts of interest. The Xelion platform has an open architecture that puts the comms provider back in control, allowing them to build their own comprehensive comms proposition with the flexibility to set their own path and destiny, something no other hosted voice vendor is trying to achieve with the channel.

A major focus for the Xelion development team is the continued integration of Xelion with third-party applications such as Microsoft 365, Power BI, popular CRM packages and many other applications. The vision is that Xelion should be the central hub in the corporate communications of the companies that use it, so it’s more than just a cloud telephony service.

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