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Covid 19 crisis: 3D printers take up the slack

On a smaller scale, people have been finding new uses for 3D printers. Y Soft Corporation has been using its fleet of be3D eDee 3D printers to produce 500 protective face shields per day, which it is donating to a number of hospitals, including three in the UK – University Hospital Bristol, Devon Partnership NHS Trust and UHCW NHS Trust.

Meanwhile, a Lancashire-based cloud specialist with a passion for all things tech is using money from a cancelled cruise to produce face guards for shop assistants and other key workers.

Craig Holmes, Head of Cloud at Yorkshire technology firm Vapour, spent his cruise money on two high-end 3D printers, which he is using to 3D print up to 300 headbands/visors a week, with material and distribution costs paid for by Vapour.

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