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ICUK launches new tool to automate carrier notifications

ICUK has announced a new tool that saves resellers time and effort when alerting customers of known or planned broadband and leased line outages.

Currently, none of the major carriers supplies API feeds for known faults or planned engineering works, with most preferring to share this information on an ad hoc basis via email messages, many of which aren’t in a standard format.

The need to process such messages manually and their increasing frequency mean that, for resellers, alerting affected parties of outages has become a full-time job.

ICUK is addressing the problem with a new tool that applies machine learning techniques to read, interpret, understand and alert relevant parties to known or planned broadband and leased line outages.

Going beyond the simple reading and provision of data feeds, the solution categorises accuracy levels, aiding relevance and importance; identifies affected parties, regardless of how vague the incident notification may be; and provides each party only with data that is relevant to them.

ICUK Director Paul Barnett said: “It would be a mistake to overlook the significance of this latest enhancement. We know the way data is fed to us from carriers is less than ideal; we’re simply making the most of what is presented. The machine learning techniques employed are incredibly clever. They mark a shift in creating greater automated intelligence and awareness within our systems.”
Prior to and during a fault, known issues are shared in ICUK’s portal, ensuring no time is wasted in providing explanations.

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