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innovaphone myApps Cloud – A Cloud Full of Possibilities

Continuous technological changes at the workplace require flexible and adaptable solutions to ensure flawless business communication. Therefore, more and more companies opt for a cloud solution as a response to tackle these challenges. Simultaneously, the number of cloud service providers keeps growing which can quickly lead to confusion. But what are the crucial criteria a cloud solution should cover?  

 In the cloud, on premises or on rental basis: it is important that the customer always has complete freedom of choice with the selected solution and that all components with their full functionalities are available either in the Capex or Opex model. The entire innovaphone product portfolio with its full range of features is available in identical form either for purchase, on a rental basis or from the cloud. This allows for customized Unified Communications packages that perfectly match the requirements of businesses of all sizes, whether SMBs or large enterprises.

Freedom of choice with innovaphone myApps Cloud. Due to its pay per use pricing model and the flexible runtime, current circumstances and actual requirements can perfectly be taken into account while new locations, branches or remote workplaces can smoothly be integrated. innovaphone myApps Cloud will further let you choose freely:

  • The number of users
  • SIP provider
  • The scope of functions that shall be made available to users
  • Your update strategy
  • SIP end devices that shall be integrated (phones, door intercoms etc.)
  • The devices employees use (smartphone, desktop computer, laptop)
  • The workplace – at the office, on the go or remotely from home (Anywhere Workplace)

innovaphone myApps Cloud with integrated IP Telephony & Unified Communications solution: Modularity, modern browser technologies and its responsive design make myApps extremely flexible and available on every device – no matter whether you are using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Chat, Video, Conferencing, Voicemail, Application Sharing – all it takes is one click and you will have a variety of communication channels at your fingertips. The open and expandable myApps platform architecture and the Software Development Kit (SDK) further provide all resources to seamlessly integrate 3rd party apps.

Security is always a top priority with innovaphone myApps Cloud. Various security functions and mechanisms such as the innovaphone Session Border Controller (SBC), innovaphone Reverse Proxy and two-factor authentication are always standardly included in the innovaphone solutions. All relevant security protocols such as DTLS, SRTP and ICE (STUN + TURN) ensure end-to-end encryption to provide digital security. innovaphone products may carry the quality seal “IT security made in Germany” and are hosted in European data centers.

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