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Sussex tech firm trailblazes by taking any Business-Critical Software Application into the Cloud

Sussex based Microsoft Partner Extech Cloud has stated that it can move any server-based business-critical application into the public cloud.  This is a significant step in the IT world, and one that will help many of the South’s professional services gain competitive advantage through reduced costs and improved remote working.

“When we talk about the cloud, we mean all IT in the Microsoft Cloud environment, not just putting files on OneDrive and email within Office365, we mean all business-critical applications too,” explains Andrew Hookway, Managing Director of Burgess Hill firm Extech Cloud. “With this approach, there aren’t any onsite servers to manage, firms only pay for what they use, and staff can work from home more effectively.”
Extech Cloud has been pioneering the use of the latest Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and is working with Microsoft as part of its development programme. The digital transformation that Extech Cloud delivers is cutting-edge for 2020 and the company reports that there are now no compelling reasons why companies need on-premise servers. Even workloads traditionally not suitable for cloud, like CAD and video editing, are possible in WVD.
“Virtualisation software is often used by companies to access business-critical applications hosted in a private data centre,” he says, explaining that there are many drawbacks to this, such as where IT Support firms use a hybrid approach, locking customers into expensive private data centres and virtual desktop licences.
Both City and Provincial law firms, for example, working remotely from home, can now take full advantage of the benefits offered by Microsoft 365 and the Azure platform, with cutting edge security practices and exceptional levels of performance. Business-critical Practice and Case management systems(PMS) such as Partner for Windows(Tikit), Bighand, and CCH can now run on the cloud thanks to Extech Cloud’s pioneering implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).
“We can publish any business-critical application in Windows Virtual Desktop, as opposed to hosted remote desktop sessions, which means each user experiences improved performance and seamless integration with other software applications” he confirms. “Where it may have taken about 40 seconds to open a business application in the office, users can now load a business application in less than 5 seconds from home.”
Extech Cloud recently completed a digital transformation of an Accountancy practice based in Sussex, with over 50 staff now seamlessly working from home. The practice now has 16 business-critical applications running on the cloud including IRIS Tax Expense, Share Register, Tax Expense, Star Payroll, IRIS Accountancy Suite, CCH Central, CCH Audit Automation, Sage Line 50 (24, 25, 26), and more.
“Usernames and passwords for their business-critical applications and Office365 have been unified – which had previously caused confusion, particularly when logging in via a VPN,” Andrew explains.

“Application updates no longer need to be conducted on every single workstation and staff have full access to their systems at anytime, anywhere, on a tablet, within a web browser, or for that matter any IT device that supports Microsoft applications. It just makes going about our duties so much easier for everyone and significantly improves morale for remote workers”.

Extech Cloud provides its customers with operational management of the Microsoft Cloud infrastructure, support for users across multiple locations and endpoints, along with strategic advice and guidance on emerging products to make businesses even more efficient. Extech Cloud also provides Service desk support, IT equipment procurement, Telephony solutions and ensures continuous security compliance.
For more information about digital transformation, visit, call the Team on +44 (0) 1444 443200 or email
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