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This week at TechnologyLive VIRTUAL: The Part the Channel will Play in the UK’s Gigabit Rollout

James Goulding, Editor, Technology Reseller discusses with Oliver Helm, FullFibre

Oliver Helm, Managing Director, FullFibre
Oliver has over 12 years of experience building fibre optic networks, as both an engineer and manager. Throughout his career, he has been involved in many profitable ventures from commercial website designs for the whisky industry to large-scale events communication. He is well known in the Altnet industry, having consulted for many UK ISPs, network providers and local authorities, playing an instrumental part in modelling and designing networks for public tenders and fibre networks covering over 100K premises.

By 2014 Oliver was firmly established in the broadband market after founding SugarNet, a retail-focused ISP based in Oxfordshire, with coverage across four counties. Following a series of projects for a number of the large UK providers and working with DCMS and BDUK, Oliver quickly became aware that fibre was the future. He successfully sold the business and set out to form an experienced team that would build future-proofed fibre networks.

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